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Positive and negative polarities

In case you had not noticed, the world is a very polarized place today (duh?). This polarization is fed to us, and enforced, by our “leaders” and the news media; everywhere we turn it seems someone is trying to drive a wedge between us. It reminds me of playing a game of dodge ball in high school gym class.

A prime example is the case of those “for” and “against” the war. Being against the war is not coming from the positive polarity, it is still a negative. When Mother Theresa was asked if she would ever attend an anti-war rally, she said no, but she would attend a pro-peace rally.

One of the things stressed in my shamanic studies is for us all to work at staying in the positive polarity, because when we do not, we cannot do what we came here to do. When you are in the negative polarity, that is what you will attract in your life, and when you are in the positive polarity, you attract positive experiences.

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The spirit of the stone and earth mother

I have included footnotes which reference additional reading with far more detail on the Sacred Garden and the Spirit Realms at the end of this post.

I had two incredibly meaningful meetings with the spirit of the stone, and the second lead to a meeting with the spirit of the earth, the earth mother. It is hard to put into words what these meetings felt like since it was so far beyond anything I had experienced before.

My first meeting with the stone happened in a very vivid dream in which I was shown into a forest and to a rock outcrop, which was flat on top – a natural place for journeying. I was told that everything I would need would be provided for me. That night (in the dream), I slept under the edge of the rock outcrop, and the next morning, when I awoke, I found a package on top of the rock with food and clean clothes in it. As I opened the package I became aware of a presence, and looked up to find a tall stone standing behind the rock outcrop. I felt a warm greeting come from the stone, and it was then that I perceived facial features. These were not physical features, but the perception of features. The actual stone had no features. I returned the greeting and asked what I could do for the stone, and what the stone could do for me. I was told that this was just an initial meeting so that we could get to know one another and that we would have further contact in the future. The dream ended there and I immediately awoke in the physical, and recorded it in my journal. As I reflected on this dream journey, I realized that “everything I would need would be provided for me,” meant in this life, and on my path.

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When The Levees Broke

The other day I felt compelled to buy Spike Lee’s documentary about the Katrina disaster, which originally aired on HBO. It’s four parts and tonight (Wednesday) I watched the first two. It’s a powerful film, and I recommend renting or buying it if you have not seen it (if you are so inclined).

And that is about as close as I will come to political commentary on this blog.

…not in Kansas anymore

The title is of course a partial quote of Dorothy’s famous line from The Wizard of Oz when she realizes the world around her is not her familiar Kansas.

For some who choose a path to expanded awareness, an event may occur which will turn their current, and sometimes comfortable, belief system to rubble, or at the very least create a huge editing job.

One of those life-changing events happened to me during a journey in the early 90’s, well more precisely a couple days after the journey. The journey took place before my first trip to The Monroe Institute, although I had been using the Gateway Experience tapes at home for some time. I asked my guides, what is the most important thing I can know and understand at this time. I waited, and waited, and nothing came. I knew however that sometimes the answer does not come immediately, and may actually come days or weeks later, so I continued my journey and allowed the question to just “float out there.”

At the time I was living and working in the Los Angeles area and a couple days after asking the question, I had just begun my daily forty-five minute commute to work when I was hit with the most massive rush of unconditional love energy I have ever experienced. It was as if every part of my entire being was vibrating at an incredibly high frequency. When the vibrations peaked, I received my answer.

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Encounters on the Shaman’s Path

Hank Wesselman, my shamanic teacher, has been writing monthly articles for “The Meta Arts Magazine” since November of 2004, and they are a wonderful source of information on shamanism and the modern mystical movement. His first article, The Spiritwalker Program, has a wealth of information and well worth a read.If you would like to read more of his articles, click here.

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