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North Kohala coast


This image was taken from the north coast of Kohala, which is the oldest section of the big island. The west side of Kohala is quite dry by tropical standards with between 10 and 30 inches of rainfall per year and the east side get well over 100 inches per year and is lush and incredibly green. The northern tip is in between and the water color is incredible. You can click on the image for a larger version.

Leaving on a jet plane

Twelve hours – give or take – and I’ll be boarding a plane for the big island of Hawai’i for three weeks. And a first for me; I’m all packed and everything is done. If it isn’t a first, it can only be a second or maybe a third. That is the only reason I’m sitting here pounding this post out on the keyboard. Everything is done and I have the time.

The first week is virtually all vacation. Relaxing, playing in the ocean, swimming with dolphins and whatever else happens to swim by. There will probably be some of those tasty beverages with the tiny umbrella’s as well.

This has been an interesting journey from the the first distant gentle whispers calling to me a couple years ago, “Hawai’i,” then through all of the “Hawai’i coincidences” that kept the islands fresh in my mind, to the realization that Hawai’i was part of my future, to the closing of chapters here in Wyoming that removed the last remaining obligations I had here, to the pneumonia I had late last year (which was simply the physical manifestation of the big purge I experienced).

Once the obligations were fulfilled, the journey to the islands got underway in ernest. Good friends recommended a realtor they knew, and on the first phone contact I felt a strong confidence in her. Next places to stay, and again came excellent suggestions and extremely reasonable prices.

The realtor sent me some listings and I found more online, and forwarded them to her and with 25+ years in real estate on the island, she has been a very good sounding board letting me know the pros and cons of certain areas that I was considering, but at the same time encouraging me to take the time to get to know all of the areas of the island and find out which one spoke to me and which place felt like “home.”

I have just a few more little things to do around the house so I’ll end this here, but if the spirits move me I’ll put up another post or two while I’m there.

Until then, aloha nui.

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