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Author and friend Frank DeMarco on Coast to Coast AM

My good friend, author and publisher Frank DeMarco, will be on Coast to Coast AM this next week discussing his newest book, The Cosmic Internet. The Cosmic Internet follows The Sphere and the Hologram and chronicles his continuing interactions and discussions with a group of non-physical entities that he simply refers to as “the guys upstairs.”

You can read more about the books by clicking the links above, and you can find out more about the Coast to Coast AM interview, including times and dates, on the Hologram Books website.

Where did you go my friend?

The internet can be an amazing thing. Almost everytime you turn on your computer, there it is, waiting for you to head out on an adventure of digital discovery. You can meet interesting people and strike up friendships – well you typically don’t meet them IRL (In Real Life), but they can be friendships just the same. You share things you might not share with IRL friends, you discuss things that you might not discuss with IRL friends – or do. You follow and comment on their blog (if they have one), and they follow and comment on yours (if you have one).

In some cases, you learn quite a lot about the person, and in some instances, they don’t share a lot of details such as where they live, what they do for a living, their background, family, etc. You might not share a lot of details either, and that’s alright. We all need our boundaries – that safe area around us that we don’t let just everyone cross. I think boundaries are more respected on the internet in a way. Most don’t pry or pressure. There is sort of an acceptance of the relationship the way it is. At least that is the case for me.

I’m very grateful for my internet friends, and to all of them I now say thank you for your friendship (internet though it is); your sharing, your listening, your comments on my blog.

What makes it hard though is when one of them just disappears seemingly without a trace. You email, you leave comments on their blog; no reply, just the echo of your fingers on the keyboard. This happened this year. An internet friend sent me an email late last year, I replied and didn’t hear back. When I went to their blog, there was a post there (end of the year), so I assumed they were just busy with their move (they relocated too). The post mentioned a slight break, but that they would be back. Then after a couple months you begin to wonder, but life gets in the way, so you forget to email them and when you remember, you get no reply. You visit their blog from time to time, when you think of it, but there, staring at you, is that same old post. Other internet friends – many whom you know – leave comments, and then you all start wondering where they are, and asking, almost pleading with them, to get in touch, or just to put up a short post letting their internet friends know they are OK – or not. No response.

A few of us get together over email and decide to start doing a search to see if we can determine what has happened. We all share what we know.  One long-time IRL friend (thankfully) has their real name (where the rest of us had only their internet nickname), so we start searching. We find things that fit the picture that all of us have been able to piece together from the various bits we each could offer, but still no luck. When the open internet fails, we resort to paying for some of the people search sites in hopes we can find our friend. We keep broadening our searches to include even the most remote clues, but still no luck. But then you reach that point where even the completely irrelevant clues have been searched for from 10,000 different directions. Finally, apparently, sadly, the great internet has failed. You have come to a dead end.

We of course still hold out hope. Maybe, somehow, someway, we will figure out exactly what terms to put in that search box to bring news of our friend, or possibly that one of us will say something in an email that will give us a new direction to search, or possibly, miraculously, a new post will appear on the blog explaining the absence and we will jump for joy.

Or not.

I would be fooling myself if I didn’t consider the possibility that our internet friend has moved on; made her transition to the other side of the veil. Still, it would be nice to know if she has or not. I’ve journeyed on it before to get only the silent treatment from upstairs, which typically means I’m not supposed to know, for whatever reason (sometimes you are simply not supposed to know). You just have to accept these things sometimes.

Where did you go my friend?

Where are you now?

The end of something

When I realized that my life path was to include the study of Shamanism, there were a number of things that had been hanging open in my life that fell into place and connected. Everything started to make sense. Looking back on it I realized that everything I had been doing to expand my consciousness, the many programs I attended at The Monroe Institute, were all leading me to the study of Shamanism.

With Shamanism, at least when studying with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall, you are exposed to and learn all aspects of this ancient practice. You may end up specializing in one aspect such as healing, or soul retrieval, or exploring the spiritual worlds, but as my cosmic committee explained to me, you have to know how to do it all well.

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Our life as a tapestry

You might want to go to the bathroom and perhaps get a snack and/or a beverage as this post is quite a bit longer than normal for me.

Some fifteen years ago, or so, I had a very vivid dream in which I was shown a tapestry and told that this visually represented the complete record of my current life, and that everything I thought, said, and did was recorded or woven into that tapestry. The “Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Other dreams and experiences followed and each added additional detail and expanded the analogy of our life as a tapestry.

FrankDeMarco-tgu-on-us.jpgThis photo is of a painting done by my friend Frank DeMarco in 2004, which came out of one of his sessions with The Guys Upstairs (TGU), where TGU were asked how they perceived us “downstairs” from “upstairs.” The idea was that they see us as nodes on connecting cords or threads, which reinforced the vision I received during the Exploration 27 program at The Monroe Institute back in 1997. As I remember, when Frank began this painting, he connected with TGU and more or less allowed them to paint it. At Exploration 27 I was shown the framework or grid that life is constructed on – the Matrix if you will – and that vision hung around and visually overlaid my physical life for over a month after the program. In my vision at Exploration 27, we are at nodes, or intersections of groups of threads.

The other night, during a journey to my Sacred Garden, one of my guides showed up and took me much deeper into the concept of our life as a tapestry. This rugged yet gentle ancestor shows up quite often when I am performing healing ceremonies and has a very strong, no-nonsense way about him.

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Strange energy

These past several weeks I’ve been cranky. Not cranky with other people or cranky with myself about anything in particular, just cranky. According to friends, there is some stuff happening astrologically with an energy shift – Washington DC is in retrograde or something like that. I don’t follow astrology too closely, but whenever I notice energy shifts or something, astrology typically says something is going on.

In times like this, my journeys become quiet and I end up spending time just hanging out in my garden mostly. Even after all these years experiencing these cycles, I still find myself asking if I have “lost” the connection. It always comes back.

One thing I’ve started doing is drumming for 5 to 15 minutes a day. It’s always been difficult for me to drum and journey at the same time. The saying about not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time would apply. What I noticed the other day though, is that I had entered a light trance while drumming and that led me to the realization that I had been doing it, without knowing it for a while. It just takes practice I guess (Duh!).

I have a drumming CD that came with Hank Wesselman’s book, Journey to the Sacred Garden , and I use it from time to time, but I miss the vibration I can feel with live drumming; it penetrates and awakens me down to a cellular level. What’s even more magical is experiencing a large group drumming. Many times at the Shamanic workshops I’ve attended, after five minutes or so, I feel indigenous spirits moving in and around the group and I begin to hear their singing and chanting. The first time that happened, I opened my eyes and looked around the circle to see who in our group was singing. No one was.

My next workshop is in May, and I can hardly wait.

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