I’ve known for a while if I was going to do web design, that I needed to get a site up and running. I’ve been so busy though that I kept putting it off.

It’s up, but it is still FAR from finished. Basically it is just a sticky note on the door at the moment. I’ve used Joomla! for the site, and have set up a simple blog on it as well where I plan on covering webby things from my (sometimes warped) viewpoint.

So the new digs are at speesdesign.com. Stop by once in a while for a cup of coffee (Kona) or perhaps even a glass of wine. Now that I have the large part of my latest client project live, I might be able to squeeze in a little time to work on my web design site. Right now it is duct tape and bailing wire. I plan on doing a custom template for it.

Oh, and if you are so inclined, you can check out my latest handywork at Customline Wordware. I still have some sweeping up to do (such as the associated blog), but most of that is already done. It is built on Joomla! as well.