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Sometimes getting sick isn’t such a bad thing

We all get sick from time to time, it’s part of life really. Sometimes it is our way of telling ourselves that we have been working too hard and possibly our energy reserves are low and it is time for a rest. It can of course also be an indication that there is something deeper and more complex going on. Perhaps there is something that we have been procrastinating about dealing with. The list goes on.

I had spent a wonderful Thanksgiving week with good friends in California, and on the last day of my visit felt the telltale signs of a cold or flu coming on. My sinuses were starting to drain and I had a scratchy throat. I figured just like every other cold or flu that I have had in the past, a few days and I would be back to normal. Typically for myself, I just “weather” them and take as little in the way of medications as possible. I did a little healing work on myself and asked my healing team to lend a helping hand.

After three days, my cold seemed to be lifting and I thought I had it kicked, but by the fifth day it had moved down into my chest and my cough had gotten much worse. Again though I figured like other times, a few more days and I would be on the mend. No so.

In the fourth week, one of my ribs gave up and cracked from all the coughing and I could tell there was a lot of fluid in my lungs. By now, I had not really slept in a couple weeks, only getting maybe a half hour or hour here or there. I even resorted to getting some cough medicine from the pharmacy, but it did not help.

I decided it was time to contact some of my shamanic friends to see if they could help me out and I not only got a lot of healing energy from them, but also some good advice on very good herbal and natural remedies.

A morning or two later after a night of no sleep, I got out of bed and as my feet hit the floor, I heard a voice in my head say, ‘it is time to go to the doctor.’ Now in the past, I might not have jumped so quickly on the advice from the voice in my head, but this time I could feel the urgency.

Turns out that it had developed into pneumonia. The doctor wanted to send me to the hospital but because I don’t have health insurance, decided we would see if antibiotics would help, but she warned that if I was not significantly better within a week, I should plan on the hospital.

The first day after the trip to the doctor, I was feeling far better, and by the third day my lungs had cleared almost completely. Was it the antibiotics, or was it the help from my friends? A little of both I think. On my return visit, the doctor was quite surprised and said my lungs were completely clear. It seems that many people have had to take several rounds of antibiotics to kick the stuff that is going around.

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The end of something

When I realized that my life path was to include the study of Shamanism, there were a number of things that had been hanging open in my life that fell into place and connected. Everything started to make sense. Looking back on it I realized that everything I had been doing to expand my consciousness, the many programs I attended at The Monroe Institute, were all leading me to the study of Shamanism.

With Shamanism, at least when studying with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall, you are exposed to and learn all aspects of this ancient practice. You may end up specializing in one aspect such as healing, or soul retrieval, or exploring the spiritual worlds, but as my cosmic committee explained to me, you have to know how to do it all well.

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