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Looking into the future

My friend Frank DeMarco recently posted one of his debriefs from a September 2000 “black box” session at The Monroe Institute on his blog. The black box is a small, shielded room in the TMI lab with a water bed where TMI graduates, with the assistance of one of the experienced TMI lab technicians, can have a customized Hemi-sync session. The black box was originally designed for TMI research and development, but for the past couple decades or so, they have also offered its use to TMI graduates, and Guidelines participants get a lab session in the black box as part of the program.

In the debrief Skip Atwater, the head of the lab, mentioned research that suggests we all have the ability look into the future; that our now moment is larger than we realize. The same day I read Frank’s post, I found an article in a UK online publication (via, which cites additional studies also suggesting we can see into the future.

If you think about it this makes perfect sense because we live in a time-space environment. We literally create our own reality moment by moment and need to know what is directly in front of us on our life path so we can maintain continuity and an uninterrupted flow. In other words as Skip says, our now is larger than we expect. This is another one of those things that happen automatically and seamlessly.

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A healing journey

For those of you who may not be familiar with shamanic healing, I thought I share one of my recent healing journeys. Healing journeys can take place remotely where the healer and the person requesting the healing are physically in different location, or where they are in the same location. Most of the journeys I have made so far have been remote.

Briefly, in shamanic healing there are typically several steps you perform. I have included a couple of resources at the end of this post that give a more complete explanation of the process.

  • Power augmentation which involves a journey to the spirit worlds to find a spirit helper to come into relationship with the person, and provide power protection and support. This is necessary first step since healing cannot take place if the person is in a disempowered state.
  • Next comes the diagnosis to determine the cause of the illness where the practitioner connects with his/her spirit guides to discover what is causing the illness.
  • The practitioner will then journey into the body of the person – with their permission – to find the illness-causing intrusions.
  • When the intrusions are found, the practitioner will then, with the help of his/her helping spirits, extract the intrusions.
  • The final step is to restore the fabric of the person’s soul through soul retrieval.

It should be mentioned here, that it is not the shamanic practitioner that does the healing, but the spirit helpers and healers. The practitioner simply acts as a bridge or conduit to allow the healing to take place.

The request for help had come to me through a friend of the parents of a boy who had undergone an operation to fix a damaged eardrum, which totally amazes me that they can do something so delicate. Although Western medicine does not have all the answers, their accomplishments are almost staggering. After the operation the skin graph had taken, but the tissue surrounding the ear drum had begun to die and the surgeons were suggesting another operation to correct the problem. The parents however, were hoping to avoid putting their young son through another operation.

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Recovering and maintaining your personal power

In my post titled Cleaning out the attic I mentioned that it takes energy to maintain things we keep in our attics. There is a limit to the amount of energy available to us, which is simply a part of the earth life system. When we are using a large percentage of what we can pull in, it can make us vulnerable to illness. Now days when I get a cold or flu (rare anymore) I will shut down all outside operation (no work, no travel, et-cetera) and basically allow my body and system to have as much of my energy as it needs to take care of the problem. I of course also journey and ask my helping spirits to work on it for me as well. Hank Wesselman has a good article on The Classic Causes of Illness he wrote for The Meta Arts magazine that I highly recommend.

My friend Deb and I from time to time do a thing she calls tripping, where we basically journey while on the phone and look into things for each other. On one of our trips a few years ago, she found some “cords” as she described them, attached to me. She said they did not originate from me, but from somewhere else and there was an energy flow coming from me down the cord. She asked if she could disconnect them, and I told her to go ahead. I had been experiencing a cold that had been hanging on for far longer than it should have, and within a couple days, I was back to normal.

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Early this afternoon I took a drive up into the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains (my back yard). Spring officially announced its arrival about a week ago, and the foothills are changing out their winter coats of brown and snowy white for their finest spring greens, and here and there the first wildflowers are shaking off their long winter sleep in bursts of lavender. Since this trip into the foothills was a whim on my way to the grocery store (did not make it there) I did not have my camera, but I’m making another trip tomorrow, so I’ll edit this post and put in a picture or two in a couple days.

I find that I naturally follow the seasons of mother nature – her rhythms – when not tied to a normal 8-5 job, and spring is a time of rebirth and renewal; a time to get underway. Late last year I signed up for a photographic workshop this June with an outstanding landscape photographer, Rodney Lough Jr., in Grand Teton National Park near Yellowstone. Three solid days of taking photos and trekking up and down mountains and trails in one of the most beautiful areas America has to offer.

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Cleaning out the attic

It was at my first Visionseeker where I heard the phrase “where your attention goes, your energy flows.” It was prior to the beginning of our healing ritual on the last night when Hank was explaining the ritual to us, and it is quite applicable to virtually our entire lives.

This phrase contributed to my decision to stop watching the news as I related to you in Positive and negative polarities (that and my friend Frank kindly bringing it to my attention). I was in effect feeding energy into all the negative things going on in the world, and holding at least some of those things in my attic.

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