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Around 2006, I started to get the urge to visit Hawai’i. It came on sort of slowly, but there were all sorts of things pointing me toward the Islands. I would turn on the TV and there would be a program on about Hawai’i, or about the volcanoes here. Even on this blog, I started to get people contacting me via my contact page and signing their emails, Aloha. Friends started sending me links to things in Hawai’i out of the blue and not knowing why they were sending them. I of course took note of all these “coincidences” and started to take the time to look inside as to what this all meant. Fast forward a couple years, and I knew that I would be moving to Hawaii. I’d never visited, but I just knew. Hawai’i was where I was supposed to be.

In February of 2009, I boarded a plane and headed off to three weeks on the Big Island. By the time I had taken ten or so steps on the tarmac (no jetways here, and the entire airport is open air), I knew this was home. I spent three magical weeks exploring the island, and felt the warm embrace of the spirits here.

In December of 2009, I packed up my kitty, Sidney, and we boarded a plane for our new home on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

For “about: the early years” see my About 1.0 page.

Aloha nui loa,

About This Site

This site is built on WordPress open source software. As far as possible I have tried to keep it compatible with a wide range of browsers and browser versions. That said, older browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.x and 6 are so old and outdated that there may well be certain features on this site that simply won’t work in those older browsers (which aren’t even supported by MS anymore). If you are using an old version of any browser, I strongly suggest that you update to the newest version possible for your particular operating system. Older browsers typically have security issues, and if you haven’t had a problem yet, there is a good chance you will at some point.

I make every attempt to keep this site as compliant with web standards as I can so that my visitors will not have issues. If you have an issue viewing this site, please let me know via my contact form. Please include your browser and operating system and versions and where you experienced the problem.

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Currently I’m using Twenty Thirteen theme by Automattic. It is well designed, has nice typography and great features.

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I have had this site hosted on A Small Orange hosting from the start, and could not be happier with the service and support I have received over the years. They are professional, courteous and responsive to problems and I highly recommend them. Currently I’m using the “Small” shared hosting package which provides a lot of bang for the buck in my opinion. If you are looking for hosting, check out A Small Orange.


  1. Hi Richard,
    Your path to happiness looks very appealing on what I can see on your blog.
    Thanks also for the friendly help in the wordpress forum.

    • Just to let you know I’m a newbe. I have gone on the forums many times and each time your face comes up. I wanted to tell you I think that your information is extremely helpful, clear and concise. I also wanted to say thank you, and finally, would appreciate any comments regarding my newbe site and traffic generation strategies. Have a great day in the great outdoors.

      • Julie, thank you. I’ve always been of the mind that knowledge is something to be shared, and I’m glad to be able to share what I know. I’ll take a look at your blog and if I have any suggestions, I’ll leave a comment for you there.

  2. you’ve been tagged!

  3. Hello,
    Your Site is excellent. Having Great PageRank. Also I have noticed that you are always active on wordpress forum. But I wonders about one thing I have not seen either type of Ads on any page of your site.
    Do you earns anything from this site?


  4. Ninad,

    No I do not. My site is not about making money, and in my opinion ads just cheapen a site. For some, it is about making money, and more power to them, everyone is different.

  5. Hello

    I checked out your site and wanted to alert you to one that Chalen and I are just putting up. Chalen is an aboriginal medicine woman and elder with lots to share on that subject.
    Check it out.

  6. Hey Richard..your blog’s really interesting and very very informative. Its a thorough pleasure to read your blog more often 🙂 I find it really enriching and ‘cool’. Congrats for putting up such an appreciable content out here..:)


  7. You have a very calm theme. It is very soothing to the eye.

  8. I can just hear the waves brushing up against cliff. I also like your theme. Not only that but what you talk about.

  9. I found your blog really relaxing, also the way you write about your life inspires me to find my way to do the same.
    I´d like to let your readers know you were very kind helping me with some issues related to my blog.
    From Argentina to all you people, have a nice 2009 !
    Bye !

    • Néstor, you are very welcome for the help in the forum, and thank you for the kind words on my blog (which I have been ignoring lately). I’m working on some new posts right now and will start getting them on the blog this next week. And good luck on finding the right path of exploration for yourself.

  10. Hi Richard – what a coincidence, I saw you on the forum (my css question about the grey box), and see you’re into shamanism!

    I just went on a shamanism workshop over the New Year (at a place called Findhorn in Scotland) and found it great, will have to do more. It seems a way of healing and releasing that is more accessible than most.

    Thanks for your blog and forum help!

    • @kmstock, You are welcome for the help in the forum and thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Scotland and I would love to visit there sometime. I’ll have to put that on my list of things to do. Next November is Egypt for an up close and personal meeting with the pyramids. Hmmm, perhaps Scotland on the way back? I’ll have to see what my schedule is like.

  11. Very interesting!
    Glad you’re well again also!
    I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to learning new things.
    God bless, Jonie

  12. Hello Mr. Richard,

    This is Vikas, from New Delhi, India.

    Just stopped by to say thank you for all those great contributions to the One Cool Site. I only recently discovered it and am loving it. So I thought I must acknowledge your contribution too.

    Thank you once again Mr. Richard for helping! I’ll spend a few minutes on your blog and leave soon (am running short of time; will surely visit later). 🙂



    • Vikas, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on my posts at onecoolsite. I’ve not posted anything there in a while but have several ideas for new posts and hopefully I can get to them in a little while.

  13. Richard,

    I finally got around to checking out your blog after “meeting” you for months on the wordpress forum. Thanks for doing that! I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Wyoming — though primarily the southern area/Medicine Bow. Looking forward to getting to the Red Desert (presuming it gets all the protection it deserves!), though it’s the high plains and mesas of southeastern Colorado that are currently calling to me. I’m adding thesacredpath to my blogroll at Be Whole Now – and am delighted to do so!

    • Rachel, thanks for the link. I’ll be checking out your blog today. There seems to be a lot of people looking to make changes in their lives, and I know that is certainly true for me, but it is the Big Island of Hawaii that I hear calling and I’ll be spending three weeks there getting to know the island and letting it get to know me, and of course looking for a place to call home.

      South eastern Colorado is magical and so is the Red Desert. When I was very young, we used to many weekends during the summer out there while my dad prospected for uranium. Nothing much ever came of his explorations, but it was a lot of fun. Medicine Bow is a very interesting area although I haven’t spent much time there, just passed through it many times on the way to somewhere else. Sadly, that is what most do; just pass through on the way to somewhere else.

  14. Richard, I just discovered you—you’ve been responding to my plaintive calls for help on the forums. I love what you are doing here! How can I put you on my blog for my readers to find?

  15. Richard, we are conversing on the WordPress forum in response to my appeal for help, which prompted me to take a look at your site. It radiates serenity and surely reflects its author. I have already bookmarked it.

    I am semi-retired, in my late seventies, living in England’s Yorkshire Dales – a landscape of high, barren moorland and sylvan valleys. I note you might visit Scotland on your way home from Egypt and urge you to to promote ‘might’ to ‘must’. It is a beautiful, rugged land of misty magic (don’t expect good weather!) especially the west coast where the mountains meet the Atlantic.

    In my younger days I clambered over many of its summits and ridges and still escape there with my wife when I can. If you do decide to go, let me know and I will recommend some places for your itinerary.

    • Peter, thanks for stopping by, and if my schedule works out, I will indeed contact you about places to visit in Scotland. Thanks so much for the offer.

  16. Thanks for being such a big help on the WordPress Forums! 🙂


    Aug 13, 2009 at 8:32 am

    Richard, when I grow up, I want a blog like yours, very professioanl, the lay out is superb, a very clean look, great photos,

    The entire page is just fresh.

    Jack G

  18. Love it, I love the fact you have gone for it, cast aside to find, best of luck hun…

  19. You forgot to mention how helpful you are 🙂
    Thank you so much for the tips, hugs!

  20. Great site, loved reading it

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