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Warm Wishes for the New Year

Sitting here drinking a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and thinking about the past year, it has, at the very least, been interesting, and sadly for many very depressing given the economy. My friend Frank DeMarco’s guys upstairs are fond of saying , “all is well, all is always well,” but when those of us down here in the swamp are ass-deep in alligators, sometimes that just elicits a “WTF are are you babbling about?” It is sometimes (most times?) difficult to see that from down here when things appear to be going sooooo wrong.

The thing is, it is true. Shifts, or shit, happens, that is part of life really. The only thing we can do is to remain centered and work on making our life work, because we are, going forward, going to get precious little help from those currently in charge here in the physical. More to come on this subject soon.

In the meantime, Happy, happy, joy, joy.


  1. Thanks for acknowledging the fact that even us spiritual ones can go through a recession and sometimes even get to the point where you begin to question everything you know!

    • Questioning what we know is always a good thing. That is what keeps the junk from piling up in our attics. πŸ™‚

  2. The very best wishes for 2012 for you as well. May the spirits of the island accompany you on your path.

    Europe isn’t much better, I must say and in an earthy, practical way it does not look like much sunshine over here either. I have a good friend with some connections upstairs as well and sometimes he does drive me as much up the wall by saying exactly the same thing: “All will be well” – with a big smile on his face… and that while I watch things going utterly haywire around me… But his grin is kind of infectious…

    • An infectious grin is a good thing to have. With the way things are in the world, and as little influence we as individuals have over national and global stuff, sometimes all you can do is laugh.

  3. May your path be easy and the journey one of joy..
    In India, we are also enjoying the curse of “interesting times”!

    • JofIndia, thank you and the same to you.

      Right now I don’t think anyone is without the curse of “interesting times.” We’re all in this together and we’ll all get through it.

  4. oh, you are such a poor loser ! Whereas I, who have had much more practice, am a very Good loser !


    But, seriously, the mystics agree that all is always well, and Seth said that nothing came to us but what we called forth — so [my paraphrase:] what’s the use kicking?

  5. The warmth of good spiritual company is a blessing indeed. Comfort is also found in the mystics message, “All is Well, yet when you Know this within, you alleviate the suffering of others. For you can do nothing else. They are your heart. ” Similar to the adage, “Know that everything depends on God, but act like everything depends on your compassion for others.” In my heart this completion harmonizes the human predictament and the divine Will of lifting us to a higher inspiration to alleviate suffering with intercession. Wishing you all a beautiful New Year in good faith and spiritual brotherhood. I agree; “Smile with all your heart!” Happy New Year.

  6. Hi Rich,
    There is nowhere to go but forward. We don’t have the option of going back. lol πŸ˜€

    Each moment in a day has its own value. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Love and peace,

  7. Hello πŸ™‚

    For those of us who made “New Years” posts and who are as you say, “down here in the swamp” I have to agree. Some folks tend to carry the weight of the world as global news and news here at home becomes more and more disastrous. The economy is not the worst of it either. Although it TOPS pretty much everything else in our daily lives.

    I guess I said all that to say this: I like your post more than most of ones I read this year, including my own. I think it is the “shit happens” that got me the most because that does pertain to uh, again, most of US.


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