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Author and friend Frank DeMarco on Coast to Coast AM

My good friend, author and publisher Frank DeMarco, will be on Coast to Coast AM this next week discussing his newest book, The Cosmic Internet. The Cosmic Internet follows The Sphere and the Hologram and chronicles his continuing interactions and discussions with a group of non-physical entities that he simply refers to as “the guys upstairs.”

You can read more about the books by clicking the links above, and you can find out more about the Coast to Coast AM interview, including times and dates, on the Hologram Books website.


    • You are welcome. I’ll have to listen to the audio recording of it after the program airs since no one here on the Big Island broadcasts Coast to Coast AM.

  1. Sorry I missed it; it is a show I tune into. Will search the archives. Aloha, be well! 🙂

  2. Hey, I listen to Coast to Coast not every night but frequently. It is most interesting and I enjoy it a lot. -Peregrine

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