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Pictures of earth from space at National Geographic

Fitting for earth day, National Geographic has posted 20 amazing images of the earth taken from space. Sorry, you will have to click the “read more” link for the link to show up since this theme strips out links and such on the main page.



  1. Great pictures!

    Thanks for the link. Now I must get round to listening to that Hank Wesselman radio broadcast….

  2. Thank you for this – NG is one of those sites I love when I remember it, usually just for natural disaster coverage (tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes…). If you want a REALLY good laugh – from the photo of the aurora there is a link to the photos from the first earth day in 1970. I remember that – I had progressive teachers in grade school, I guess, we spent the day picking up trash around town. I still mentally scream “litterbug!!!” when I see someone toss aside garbage on the street, but usually pick it up myself rather than try to get them to change their ways. I am puzzled by the way everyone has suddenly discovered the environment in the past couple years, as if it’s something new. Better late than never, I guess, but how did everyone miss it before this?

  3. @ Cynthia
    I still mentally scream “litterbug!!!”

    Some kinds of indoctrination are better than others. I favor the one you have ‘suffered’. To bend a mind towards protecting nature, no where better to begin than with children. To close a mind against littering seems favorable with the end in mind.

    Hi Richard,

    nice tap on the shoulder; amazing imaging technology… for better and for worse. Such eyes in the sky can track migrating animals and fugitive humans alike.

    Your present theme seems less misty, more technical. Any particular reason for placing your weight on the other foot?

    Best regards

  4. Wow, thanks for the link. These photos are amazing, can’t wait till my husband wakes up so i can show him too,he’ll love them! Thanks again. =)

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