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The spiritual teachers of the past did not just set everything in motion and then just walk away. They left tracks for us to follow. The ancestors continue to offer support by providing us with clues as to how to find these tracks and follow them. — Hank Wesselman, PhD

I thought I would let everyone know that my good friend and shamanic teacher, Hank Wesselman, will be on Coast to Coast AM on April 26th from 11pm to 2am Pacific Time, and will be talking about, among other things, his new book, The Bowl of Light (Sounds True, May 2011), which I am reading right now and I’ll be posting about when I finish. If you cannot listen to the live broadcast, you can listen to it after it airs at the Coast to Coast AM website.

In 1996, Hank came into relationship with the Hawaiian elder and kahuna, Hale Makua, and over the years Makua provided Hank with a rare glimpse into the heart of the kahuna tradition and before his untimely death in 2004, granted Hank permission to share sacred knowledge seldom imparted to outsiders.

More on Hank and Hale Makua.

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  1. Hello Richard

    We met briefly when you kindly answered a Word Press query awhile ago and I was hoping that you’d post something on your blog soon as I find your blogs interesting and informative and closely reflect my own thoughts and concepts.

    Thank you for this news regarding Hank Wesselman’s new book, which I shall certainly be buying. Having recently read his Spirit Medicine I was amazed and excited that his philosophy so closely resembles that which I’ve been practicing without my knowing about his work. I read with enormous interest his teachings called The Sacred Garden, to which you provided a link here on your blog, so you could say I’m quite a fan of Hank Wesselman’s now, and these techniques have also been very healing in a spiritual sense to a couple of my friends.

    For myself, I have a deep affinity with the Native American indigenous culture, specifically the Blackfoot tribe, although why and how, I’ve yet to establish, but do have tantalising glimpses through inner visions, dreams and journey work. I would like to know how you came to this specific path and in what capacity you might put it into good practice? If you’ve discussed this already elsewhere on your blog, my apologies.

    As I’m fairly new to blogging and to responding to blogs, I hope I haven’t broken any particular blogging rules.

    Best wishes

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