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A Mauna Kea weekend

Mauna Kea from Ocean

Photograph by Vadim Kurland

I’ve been getting patient, but persistent messages that I need to go up and spend some time at Mauna Kea. Something to the effect, “you need to come up and see me.” To the Hawaiian’s, all the peaks on Hawai’i island are sacred, but Mauna Kea is the most sacred. I feel quite honored that she want me to come up and see her.

I got an email from a friend who will be here on the island and invited me to go… guess where? Mauna Kea. The spirits are very resourceful. My friend needed someone to accompany her, and the mountain wanted to see me. So, this weekend, we will be spending time up there with the giant. I’ll take my pocket digital camera and take some shots while there and post again soon about the trip.

I’ve been putting a trip up there off trying to get some web designs out the door, and I also need to make a trip back to Wyoming to finish “editing” that chapter of my life within the next month. I guess Mauna Kea has different plans, and I just got the memo.


  1. Excellent spiritual guidance. How was your experience on the mountain?

  2. It brings to mind the song “The Beauty of Mauna Kea” from the album “Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar in the Real Old Style” by Keola Beamer. I think you would like it.

    • Rebekah, thanks and thanks for the tip on the artist. I’ve seen some of his CD’s around. I’ll have to look for one with that song on it.

      • Richard, this is an old album. When you search iTunes, search for “Slack Key in the Real Old Style” (title) and “Beamer” (artist). Then click on no. 7.

        • Rebehah, thanks. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but I’m not getting email alerts when new comments are posted like before. I’m going to have to look under the hood and see what is wrong with WP.

  3. SP,
    Loved your “blind pig” quote on the forum,
    Googled it and found a claim that it’s Russian.
    Which led to another new one on me, and maybe you’d like it too since you’re such a good explainer:
    “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”
    still a beginner blogger

  4. Even the sound of the island’s name is enchanting and alluring to the spirit! Amazing how there can be signs in life spurring us on to particular experiences!

    • Indeed. Even the name Hawai’i has meaning. “Ha” means breath of life, “wai” means the waters of life, and “i” means divinity or supreme being.

  5. What did she have to say Richard? The mountain.

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