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Oops, sorry on the comments thing

[Edit: I’ve dived into the PHP abyss and added the math spam code and reactivated the plugin. Let me know via the contact form if anyone has problems leaving a comment.]

[Edit 2: Well, I can’t add the math comment spam code into this theme without major surgery, so I’m likely stuck having to sort through thousands of pounds of spam weekly.]

I had forgotten to either turn off my math comments spam captcha thing and I got several emails this morning saying people could not post comments. That has now been corrected. If I stay with this theme, I’ll add the code into the theme files and reactivate it.

One of the main reasons I have it is that if I don’t, my spam filter queue gets a real workout. At times I’ve gotten over 200 per day and I have to look through all of them carefully to make sure legitimate comments are not mixed in with the junk. With the math comment spam thing, I only see about 5 or 10 in the spam queue per week.


  1. well, you tell me. did this come through?

    of course, this assumes i know the correct answer to “the sum of 8+9….

    • You must have guessed correctly since it came through just fine. Of course I now have to hope I can guess the answer to the one I’m presented with. Let’s see, carry the 1, take the derivative of the remainder and divide by zero. Yup, that did it.

  2. Hi Frank 🙂
    Hi Rich,
    Oh my … never mind the apologies let’s talk about how much I covet this theme. It’s a lovely soft green background color that I’m seeing. I’m soooo … jealous.

    • Hi Timethief,
      The free Inuit theme from the .ORG extends/themes/ section is version 1.6.x and the free one on the author’s site is 1.9.2 which looks just like this, so the two of them present quite a different face.

  3. Yes indeed they are different. I’m posting this comment to see if your math question catpcha thing works. I don’t see any evidence that it exists at this point. Clicking “add comment” now

    • Oh, sorry the captcha thing is only on the contact form. The way this theme is designed, it is virtually impossible to add stuff like that without a huge amount of PHP knowledge so I’ll have to live with the extra spam. Luckily Defensio is catching the bulk of it. Still though I have to look through it to make sure it doesn’t catch a legitimate comment.

  4. I put a feedjit on ttts and lo and behold their tracking set all the spammers running. Within hours I had zero spam coming in. Then when I changed from the free version to the paid version of the theme I removed the feedjit. Well, my blog is being deluged by human generated spam. Defensio is catching all of it but I’m tempted to put a feedjit back up just to see if what happened last time will happen again.

    • It will be interesting to see what happens when you reactivate it. I might have to try that as well since I can’t use the plugin I had been using.

      Actually the theme designer told me how to do it, but with this theme it is quite complex and I’m just not up for that level of hacking at the moment.

  5. Well I activated the feedjit plugin but it did not appear on my front page in the sidebar the way it did on the other theme. 🙁 Erm … help required. See here

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