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I had wanted to get an update posted earlier, but things have been quite busy. Had several things to get done within a certain time frame and wanted them out of the way. One thing left to do tomorrow and then I hope things will settle down.

We are looking for another place since this one is just too noisy. It is a really nice place, but being so close to the major north-south road on the west side means a lot of traffic noise. We have one good possibility, but it won’t be available till March 1st. We would really like to make a move before then, but it would mean finding a place for a month and then making another move. I just don’t think we want to do that.

The kitty’s are settling in nicely and for the most part have become friends. Clia, one of the females hasn’t quite made up with Sidney, but they are working on it. Sidney is being such a good boy about it and giving Clia the space she needs. Sidney and Horus, the other male, are getting along very well. That is a welcome development.

Things here on the island are very dry. This has been one of the driest years in ten years, and there are some areas that have been asked to conserve water. Fingers crossed that it will not last too much longer. We’ve had several fires so far.

More soon hopefully.


  1. Thinking of you and Sidney and friends and Hawai’i and all good things, always.

  2. Just checking in

    May life support your essential desire

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