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About 10 days and counting

My official blast off for the Big Island of Hawai’i is about 10 days off. I’ve left some of my stuff here until I can determine exactly what I’m going to need over there, but one load is on the way. It will end up costing me more money to do it in two moves, but I don’t want to take stuff I won’t want or need, and don’t want to end up having to put stuff in storage. My two vehicles are on the way, and one will be waiting for me when I get there – hopefully – so I don’t have to rent a car.

I have three places to look at as an initial rental once I get there, so I should have a good base of operations within a few days.

I’ll be coming back to Wyoming for a couple weeks in the spring to finish up some stuff around my house to get it ready for sale, and also to send whatever other stuff I decide I need or want with me over there. The rest will be sold and/or given to the Salvation Army.

It’s interesting as I sort of flow back and forth from excitement about the move to a feeling of “oh crap I’m really doing this!” I’ve certainly never felt like changing my mind though.

I realized I’ll be spending the holidays, and my birthday on the island. I think Christmas day may be spent at the beach – or at least part of it. Same for my birthday.


  1. And by Groundhog Day or thereabouts, you’ll be asking your friends to send you packages of snow, for auld lang syne’s sake.

    But it has been interesting to watch the process, hasn’t it? I think that combination of “Hot dog!” and “oh crap” is so typical of those defining moments when we really shift direction — or rather, when the direction-shift that has been coming into play finally takes form.

    You’re going to be so amazed, next Thanksgiving, that it’s already been a year!

    Bon voyage, amigo. Travel hopefully, but arrive.

    • If I want snow, all I have to do is take a trip up to the top of Mauna Kea. It snows there quite a bit during the winter, but it is usually gone by mid-afternoon.

      It has been an interesting process and of course there has been more purging going on as I went through some more of my mom’s and step dad’s stuff.

      • Hi, Richard. Thanks again for your advice on my blog. I really like your site.

        We have a lot in common as I, too, am on the shamanic path. I facilitate soul retrievals as part of my professional work as a healer (along with hypnotherapy, Reiki, intuitive counseling, channeling and life coaching). And my husband and I both work quite a bit with our power animals as well as the plant and rock people, the 4 directions and elements and the 4 peoples of the Earth through Native American ceremony including sweat lodge and Cherokee Dance of Life. I am also a drummer and am learning to play Native flute.

        Blessings to you on your relocation!!!

        We moved to the Big Island a few years ago and had been powerfully guided there. We enjoyed a very enriching and healing two years, then Pele said, “OK, time for you guys to go back home!” (Clear signs it was time to go, including the vog, which was a respiratory problem for my husband and youngest son)

        For us, as much as loved Hawaii, it never felt quite like home, but it was definitely an important part of our journey and we are very grateful for our time there. We are back in N. CA now but I know we will return to Hawai’i when the time is right. We integrated some Hawaiian shamanic wisdom into our spiritual practice as well.

        Currently I am channeling a new book called Create Prosperity Now! Aligning with Your Best Life of Passion, Power and Purpose, which takes the Abraham and other Law of Attraction teachings to another level by helping people do the deep inner reprogramming so they can fulfill their heart-centered soulwork AND be prosperous at the same time. This was a real “aha!” switch that was thrown for me (in Hawai’i, by the way) when my guides really helped me get that money is just good energy, and the more I have, the more good I can do. The more powerfully I commit to doing what I really came here to do, by being who I really am, the more success is naturally attracted to me and the more I can help others as well.

        Even after going through a tremendous spiritual awakening and shamanic initiation in 1994, with three NDEs in one day, I still had been financially struggling for many years, even though I was following my heart and striving to do what I love, honor my calling. Our guides gave us the missing information and energetic shift largely through a hypnomeditation audio which aligned us with abundance, which is of course much more than just money, and ever since then, life has been such a blessing! We are so grateful to help others with this powerful shift now and are doing so through private sessions, group coaching, the audios and now the book.

        I know you will experience all the amazing energy of the newest land on Planet Earth, the rainforest, the ocean, whales, dolphins, whatever you need in Hawaii. We lived in Pahoa for a little while then settled in Kona for most of the time.

        Anyway, I appreciate your help with getting my blog off the ground with proper tagging (is it ok now, do you think?) and look forward to connecting further as we are guided. Let me know if you’d like some connections to resources on the Big Isle and say hi to Mama Ocean, Pele and the dolphin people for me!

        Aloha and walk in beauty,

  2. Hi Richard

    It reminds me of the great move I made so many years ago – leaving the family and migrating by myself to Australia (when I hardly knew anything about Australia!!). Scared out of my wits but soooo excited at the same time. 30+ years down the track its a move I have NEVER regretted.

    Good luck with the actual process of moving and I’m sure you will do just great with the actual moving!


    • Irene, good to hear from you and sorry I haven’t responded yet to your email. I’ll do that tonight. Most people I meet think I’m crazy for making the move, but in my heart, it is the right thing to do. I know it is.

  3. How exciting. You’re finally on your way. When is your birthday, anyway?

    FYI, when I moved from Tennessee to Colorado, I thought I was only taking a vacation. I didn’t see some of my stuff for six years. When I moved from Colorado to L.A., I left stuff in storage that I didn’t see for two years. After returning to Colorado, I decided to move to Phoenix. Stuff in storage another two years. I returned to Colorado once again, and ended up moving back to Memphis when my mother was dying. It will be 8 years next week. I still don’t have my stuff. Be sure to take everything you’re going to need.

    Bon Voyage, and good luck out there.

    • Lesia, I have to come back to Wyoming in the spring so I plan on dispatching the rest of my stuff, one way or another, when I do that. I know what you mean though. I moved back from California to Wyoming in ‘93 and I still had boxes I had put in the garage and never opened. Those have been sorted and the stuff scattered in the necessary directions.

      I won’t put my birth date here for security reasons.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Oh, how interesting! I live in Hawaii, and at the same time you will be coming here, I will be flying to Austria for a brief winter holiday. I’m hoping for snow, imagine that! You have an appealing blog with topics that resonate with me. Thank you again for the help on the forums. Aloha.

  5. I am in the process of purging in order to move to Texas after living in Missouri all my life. Hawaii will be awesome. It must be liberating to go from Wyoming to Hawaii. Both are beautiful in their own way but so very different. I hope you have a great move!

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