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North Kohala coast


This image was taken from the north coast of Kohala, which is the oldest section of the big island. The west side of Kohala is quite dry by tropical standards with between 10 and 30 inches of rainfall per year and the east side get well over 100 inches per year and is lush and incredibly green. The northern tip is in between and the water color is incredible. You can click on the image for a larger version.


  1. It’s gorgeous – just like I knew it would be … SIGH

  2. Looks like you are as one with your surroundings. I’m so pleased for you; think what you will have to learn and to teach here. I predict you will meet wonderful people who’ll appreciate you properly. 🙂

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful!

  4. Looks very beautiful. Enjoy!

    The seaside is full of nurture and a strong image of two worlds meeting; it stimulates an ancestral memory of having come out of one world to step into another. It also demonstrates that you can return, at will; even pass back and forth.

    I have been wanting to share a web page with you which might interest you on your journey:

    wishing you the best


  5. Scenes like this reach deep into the soul till the sanctuary outside becomes the sanctuary within.

  6. This is such a gorgeous photo. It makes me want to visit there. Right now!

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