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Hawai’i time

Nearly seven days have passed since I set foot on the big Island of Hawai’i and I’ve never felt more at home. It’s all new of course, the rain forests, the falls, the volcanoes, but it feels like “home.” My friends left about six hours ago to return home, and I’m already missing them terribly.

For most of the time here, we had an unobstructed view of the Pacific, and I went to sleep with the sound of the waves on the barriers around the lagoons in front of the Resort, and nearly every day we were out snorkeling and seeing the most incredible collection of tropical fish you can imagine. Did I mention the sea turtles that rest in the lagoon? They are protected, so you need to give them a healthy respect and distance, but WOW!

Tonight I sat at the open air bar and watched the sunset drinking margaritas while just off the coast probably 500 yards, a pod of whales were showing off blowing their noses in the air and waving at us with their tails.

If you have never been here, and you ever get the chance, definitely do it. I’ll have some photos coming in the next post.

Aloha nui.


  1. Love the sense of awe and wonder in your post! What incredible refreshment for the spirit!

    • Gemma, I feel like a kid again seeing things for the first time in a way and it is a great feeling. It is definitely refreshing!

  2. I’m eagerly awaiting the photos and yeah! I’m jealous … lol 😛

    • Timethief, the first image is up, but I’ll upload it again. I need to mess with the color profile a little as the jpg’s coming out of photoshop are dull in comparison to the original, and I even have it set for sRGB, which should make things very good for the web, but it isn’t.

      Not sure when I’ll get it done though as I’m on “Hawai’i time” and that moves in mysterious ways.

  3. Wonderful – so glad to hear that you’re re sitting, drinking, and watching whales. It’s 25deg’s here and snowing ! Enjoy!

  4. Hi Richard

    It sounds awesome. Pretty cold in the UK at the moment 🙁
    Have fun !!


  5. It has been so nice to read your refreshing and new take on the island where I live. What resort did you stay in? Do you mind sharing the area of the ohana?
    I hope you get to return soon, maybe when the whales come by.

    • Aloha! I stayed at the Keauhou Beach Resort, top floor, facing the ocean. It was magical. I opened both sliding glass doors when I walked into the room and never closed them the whole time I stayed there. The ohana was up in Holualoa in a very nice quite area about a mile from any main roads.

      I’ll be moving to the island sometime this November. It started calling me a couple years ago and after my visit I realized it was “home.”

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