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Twelve hours – give or take – and I’ll be boarding a plane for the big island of Hawai’i for three weeks. And a first for me; I’m all packed and everything is done. If it isn’t a first, it can only be a second or maybe a third. That is the only reason I’m sitting here pounding this post out on the keyboard. Everything is done and I have the time.

The first week is virtually all vacation. Relaxing, playing in the ocean, swimming with dolphins and whatever else happens to swim by. There will probably be some of those tasty beverages with the tiny umbrella’s as well.

This has been an interesting journey from the the first distant gentle whispers calling to me a couple years ago, “Hawai’i,” then through all of the “Hawai’i coincidences” that kept the islands fresh in my mind, to the realization that Hawai’i was part of my future, to the closing of chapters here in Wyoming that removed the last remaining obligations I had here, to the pneumonia I had late last year (which was simply the physical manifestation of the big purge I experienced).

Once the obligations were fulfilled, the journey to the islands got underway in ernest. Good friends recommended a realtor they knew, and on the first phone contact I felt a strong confidence in her. Next places to stay, and again came excellent suggestions and extremely reasonable prices.

The realtor sent me some listings and I found more online, and forwarded them to her and with 25+ years in real estate on the island, she has been a very good sounding board letting me know the pros and cons of certain areas that I was considering, but at the same time encouraging me to take the time to get to know all of the areas of the island and find out which one spoke to me and which place felt like “home.”

I have just a few more little things to do around the house so I’ll end this here, but if the spirits move me I’ll put up another post or two while I’m there.

Until then, aloha nui.


  1. Oh, yay! Few things thrill me as much as responding to the Call to new (and ancient, perhaps) locations. Pretty far cry from Wyoming, eh? Have a wonderfully reinvigorating, soul-nourishing, and transformative trip.

  2. Rachel, thanks, and I to get a thrill from answering the call. It most certainly is a far cry from Wyoming and the trip was magical and I will be writing about that over the coming weeks.

  3. I’ve never been – but EVERYONE who has, says the trip is worth it. Don’t say “probably” – take/make the time to sit, sip, and refresh – the hotelroom balcony, an empty restaurant chair on the sidewalk, or a rock on the side of road.

    Here’s a fun site friends used for their visit.

  4. Kate, thanks for the link, and I did take time. I fell in love with the Keahou Beach Resort in Kona. My room was on the top floor directly over the lagoon where sea turtles bask and rest. The first thing I did when I arrived was to throw open the sliding glass doors leading out onto the balconies on the side and front of my room and they stayed open the entire time I was there. It is also full of tropical fish and at night the eels come out and some of them that make the lagoon home. The bar at the Resort is open on three sides and it was a perfect place to enjoy an adult beverage and watch the sunsets.

  5. I’m missing you already and wishing I was there. At this time of the year a bikini and grass skirt and bare feet sound so appealing … GROAN

    Have a wonderful time 🙂


  6. Timethief, I lifted a glass of Long Board micro brew to you one night while watching the sunset from the bar at the Resort.

    When I get over there and settled, you and hubbie can come to visit.

  7. Rich,

    Wishing you a gentle, fun and magical journey!

    Looking forward,


  8. Laurel, thanks and magical it was.

  9. What an amazing horizon! It seems to be rising to meet you!

    Walk with eyes wide open into your new magic!

  10. Gemma, eyes wide open – as well as my mouth at times. Truly magical.

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