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Sometimes getting sick isn’t such a bad thing

We all get sick from time to time, it’s part of life really. Sometimes it is our way of telling ourselves that we have been working too hard and possibly our energy reserves are low and it is time for a rest. It can of course also be an indication that there is something deeper and more complex going on. Perhaps there is something that we have been procrastinating about dealing with. The list goes on.

I had spent a wonderful Thanksgiving week with good friends in California, and on the last day of my visit felt the telltale signs of a cold or flu coming on. My sinuses were starting to drain and I had a scratchy throat. I figured just like every other cold or flu that I have had in the past, a few days and I would be back to normal. Typically for myself, I just “weather” them and take as little in the way of medications as possible. I did a little healing work on myself and asked my healing team to lend a helping hand.

After three days, my cold seemed to be lifting and I thought I had it kicked, but by the fifth day it had moved down into my chest and my cough had gotten much worse. Again though I figured like other times, a few more days and I would be on the mend. No so.

In the fourth week, one of my ribs gave up and cracked from all the coughing and I could tell there was a lot of fluid in my lungs. By now, I had not really slept in a couple weeks, only getting maybe a half hour or hour here or there. I even resorted to getting some cough medicine from the pharmacy, but it did not help.

I decided it was time to contact some of my shamanic friends to see if they could help me out and I not only got a lot of healing energy from them, but also some good advice on very good herbal and natural remedies.

A morning or two later after a night of no sleep, I got out of bed and as my feet hit the floor, I heard a voice in my head say, ‘it is time to go to the doctor.’ Now in the past, I might not have jumped so quickly on the advice from the voice in my head, but this time I could feel the urgency.

Turns out that it had developed into pneumonia. The doctor wanted to send me to the hospital but because I don’t have health insurance, decided we would see if antibiotics would help, but she warned that if I was not significantly better within a week, I should plan on the hospital.

The first day after the trip to the doctor, I was feeling far better, and by the third day my lungs had cleared almost completely. Was it the antibiotics, or was it the help from my friends? A little of both I think. On my return visit, the doctor was quite surprised and said my lungs were completely clear. It seems that many people have had to take several rounds of antibiotics to kick the stuff that is going around.

Now the rest of the story. In the mid stages, I quit drinking coffee, and started on herbal and green tea, and also since my body had moved from a neutral PH to acidic, I cut out all acidic foods and went basically to fruits, vegetables, vegetable soups, and lots of liquids to try and pull it back toward neutral. Virus’s, bacteria and the like thrive when a body is acidic, and hate it when it is neutral or alkaline.

After I was well, I just naturally it seemed stuck to the diet I had developed while sick. I had virtually no craving or desire for any meats of any kind. I also noticed that a lot of other things had changed as well. There was a new sense of purpose and my future quite clear to me. I had a firm idea of where I was going, and there was a new “lightness” to my whole being.

Recently I’ve realized that there was a lot of “stuff” cleared out when the sickness went away, and tonight I did a little journey on it, and my spirit guides confirmed that there had been a big purge of “stuff.” As they explained things, I had the vision of my body with good number of shadowy spheres around it of different sizes. My guides told me that they were the shadows of what had been purged, and told me to touch each of them in return, acknowledge them with Aloha, and the release would be complete. With some of them I knew the instant I touched them what they were and with others, they seemed to be a blurry collection of small things.

So much more is clear to me now. First off, although I have the training to be of healing service to others on the spiritual side of things, I realized that I also need to learn more about the physical side as well through the use of herbs and natural remedies. In other words, I need to balance the two out. Secondly, I have just gone through a radical purge, and the shift in all aspect of my being, physical, mental and spiritual was a large one. I won’t say it was past due, because most of the time, these things happen when they are supposed to. Thirdly, getting really sick, and at the same time changing your diet to fruits, vegetables, soups and lots of liquids, although not the preferred way to lose weight, does just that. [Legal disclaimer: Please, don’t do this at home people] Before I got sick, I had been gaining weight and was up around 225 – way more than I had ever weighed. By the time of my second doctor’s visit I was down to 210, and now about three weeks after that, I’m down under 200.

So that is what has been going on with me, and I’ll have some more posts up soon talking about some other issues.

It’s a brand new day!


  1. I just had almost exactly the same experience, except without the pneumonia. I definitely experienced it was a clearing on a large level.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    • Carla, I’ve been hearing from some friends and acquaintances who are reporting the same thing as you and I experienced although not all of them are seeing it in the same way we do, but the results were the same; a new outlook and a new lighter feeling to their life. I certainly cannot think it is all coincidence.

  2. Glad to hear you’re back, Richard – I wondered.
    Take care – Kate

  3. Kate, Thanks.

  4. Its good to have you back Richard, I’ve missed reading your posts and look forward to reading some more!

  5. Irene, I’m glad to be back and looking forward to 2009. Even with the economy and everything else, I think it is going to be a good year. No wait, it will be a good year. Over the past few years I’ve had some pretty big changes forming on the horizon, and they are now almost close enough to touch so things are going to get quite busy for me, but I plan on posting more regularly than I have in the recent past.

  6. Richard,

    How wonderful for your healing and it IS a brand new day!

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. Laurel, most definitely a brand new day.

  8. My goodness, Richard, what a tale and a wonderful outcome, athough it’s a shame you suffered to reach the destination. I’m so glad you’re feeling well again.

    I’m convinced green tea has even more beneficial properties than we’re aware of. It was actually the first thing an enlightened MD told me last year to add to my diet for a particular problem and I know it makes a difference because if I skip it even one day, I feel it.

  9. Ella, yes it was an interesting road. My shamanic teacher is fond of saying, “If you have an arrow sticking out of you it is not the time to pick up a drum or rattle, it is time to seek medical help,” and that was true in this case. More lessons learned with my “metaphorical” arrow.

    I agree with your about the green tea. One of the big changes for me was getting away from almost all coffee. I now have a cup in the morning, but the rest of the day is either green tea, water, or herbal tea, and I feel a lot better than I have in years. Caffeine has never really bothered me that I was aware of, but being away from my three pots of coffee a day has made a big difference in how I feel.

  10. For the last couple of winters my colds have become pneumonia. No fun at all! I too do not like running to the doctor for chemical prescriptions. But I have found green tea and eucalytpus on a face washer tucked into my pillow slip to help sleep at night are magical stand bys.

    Stay well in mind and spirit!

    Smiles and Light!

  11. Gemma, thanks for the wonderful suggestions. I had tried to find some eucalyptus oil locally, but could not. I did get some online though and now am far more prepared.

    I also found that putting tea tree oil on my upper lip where I could breath in the vapors helped some as well although the stuff I have is pretty potent and after a few applications my upper lip was red and I had to lay off it for a while. I’ll have to dilute it a little I think.

  12. Glad you listened to that voice, I really believe in balance and that can include Western Medicine and drugs. My daughter is a shaman and I find myself gently reminding her of that now and then:)

  13. Bookbable, Yes, there always has to be balance, and western medicine certainly has its place and we all need to remember that (or have a kind and caring mother to remind us). πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, Rich, it’s great to “see” you, as always. What a journey! And a continuing one at that! I think quite a few of us are letting go, both physically and spiritually these days, in preparation for new and even better things. I did my part in having emergency gall bladder surgery a couple of months ago. It enabled me to let go of things that had been “pent up” for years.
    Such drastic measures are not always necessary, but sometimes help move things along! I’m so glad you’re better. You are always in my heart. πŸ™‚

  15. Muse, yes it is continuing and I keep noticing little changes regularly which are most likely the result of the purge. I know from my circle of friends, they have been experiencing some purging as well but many of them don’t recognize it as such.

    Sorry to hear of the emergency surgery, but I’m glad you made it through and are on the mend and were able to purge things as well.

    Life is magical isn’t it?

  16. just stopped by on a whim from the WP forum and now i know why!
    suffering now from the same malaise but not yet quite so extreme.
    here in E WA passing time with my dad in his final days…
    it is a new day and i too am expecting a good 2009!
    thanks Richard-

    • Glennis, thanks for stopping by. Keep the liquids going and if it has gotten into your chest, work on coughing up the stuff as much as you can. Eucalyptus oil, if you have or can get some is a good way to keep things loosened up (breath the vapors).

  17. I knew you were going through a special time.

    Welcome back.

    We generally carry too much and illness is a way to drop a few things. Its also a call and a challenge to focus on the absolutely essential.

    A warm greeting from an addict of raw ginger root infusions with wild honey and lemon-orange juice directly from the squeezer; add some propoleo in drops like 30 drops per cup of sweet hot ginger infusion. Take three times a day. Its tasty a kicks the cold in your system.

    …and check in on Love


  18. Hi Richard, Well and Good. Don’t you know that 90% of our sickness came from the curse of this world? It was in many ways demonstrated through the bible. That’s why medicines sometimes fall short to heal a man because the root of the matter has spiritual intervention which can only be cured through faith and prayer. 10% of illnesses are man’s self-imposed physical abuses. Sin is the most contributor of illness because karma makes us or breaks us. Have you all guys encounter some kind of supernatural healing while praying without taking medicines? You should, otherwise you gets poorer spending your monies to death when you can be freed from diseases or cancer through the power of meditation, prayer or faith. I challenge you guys to use your power within because I made it a lot of times. I learned to appreciate some powers within me when I got the service from kamja, their life-coaching enthusiasts are well adept to help us deliver from our frailty.

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