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We hear far too seldom about the good deeds of others. My recent post, The kindness of strangers, related my recent experience of being on the receiving end of a good deed. There are far more angels out there than we hear about.

ABC News reported on another angel yesterday. A woman had lost her job and her home which was being auctioned off. An angel happened to be in the crowd that day and the woman is now able to keep her house. The angel, Marilyn Mock of Rockwall, Texas said, “People need to help each other, and that’s all there is to it.”


  1. Truly an amazing and heart-warming story. These are hard times, and it’s important for us to understand and help those in need. It’s nice to know that not everyone is centered only on their own existence, but that there are people who can look beyond themselves to help others who might not be as well off. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is an inspiring story! It gives me hope that maybe, someday, a miracle will find my partner and I.

    I so long for a home for us! We have just been told to leave our rental property on a mountain! The owner is moving back by Christmas! We are an older couple and we both have lost what we had through quite tragic circumstances! But we have our love! And that’s what really counts!

  3. Hey Richard,

    the blogging sphere is too silent without your kind thoughts on this and the other.

    Respect and a heart felt greeting to you where ever you are and what ever you are doing


  4. Exuvia,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I’ve had a lot of family stuff to deal with over the past month or so, and I’m also in the process of integrating a bunch of journey work from the last shamanic workshop I attended but I plan on posting more frequently from now on.

  5. There is no hurry in Nature. Have a serene December.


  6. Hey, Richard, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you in the New Year. It was a joy to share 2008 with you. 🙂

  7. Great story. The world needs more people like these earth bound angels.

  8. There are angels of light everywhere.
    Love and light to you

  9. I honestly believe that’s all God wants from us: what would really please him is if we would all just be nice to each other, and take care of each other. Everything else would fall into place. I’m glad I came to your blog. You’ve lifted my spirit tonight.

  10. I tell you that Patricia Wood lives in Hawaii on a boat. Her book Lottery was published last year. I haven’t met her personally, but she’s the friend of a friend. You should look her up when you get there. I’m betting she’s an angel.

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