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There can be no political revolution, no social revolution, no economic revolution. The only revolution is that of the spirit; it is individual. And if millions of individuals change, then the society will change as a consequence, not vice versa. You cannot change the society first and hope that individuals will change later on. – Osho

A move seems to be in my not to distant future. In my earlier life, when I would hear someone talking about Hawaii, or read something about the islands, I would think to myself that it might be nice to visit, but it never developed into a real desire, probably at least in part due to not having the money for a trip. A couple years ago, I started to think seriously about visiting, but again, felt no strong desire to pack a bag and board a plane.

This year however, things have changed. A series of those pesky coincidences have been coming up. First a friend forwards an email to me from a woman who was wanting to sell her place in Hawaii. I dismissed it at the time since the price was more than I could afford, and truthfully, the thought of living in Hawaii had not really gelled.

What followed over the course of a few months, was a Hawaiian barrage. I would turn on the TV and there would be a program on about Hawaii. A couple people from Hawaii used the contact page on this blog to write me about things they did not want to post in public. Several times while I was shopping, I ran into people wearing T-shirts they got in Hawaii. I would be driving down the street and see a car with a Hawaiian license plate. Personally, things that were “hanging around” that would keep me from moving started to resolve themselves with no conscious effort from me.

In and around these “coincidences” I did some journeys on the possibility and got an what can only be described as a “smile” from my guides and helping spirits. In one journey I had decided to visit Pele, the Goddess of the volcano, and when I got to my sacred garden, I found a roaring fire in my ceremonial fire pit and knew it was my portal for a visit to Pele. I entered the fire, and remember nothing after that for about an hour, but I was in a state of complete bliss when I returned.

I can feel a quickening, and plan a trip over right after the first of the year to look for a place and to see if the islands like me, and I like the islands. I still have one commitment here that I must see through, but that too seems like it might be heading for a conclusion.

Change is the only real constant in life. Even our bodies completely renew every seven years or so they say. The cells, atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons making up your body today are completely different from the ones of around seven years ago.

As a species, we’ve seen a huge changes over the past twenty years, and especially over the past eight. What will the future bring? That is for each of us as individuals, and in turn collectively as a society to determine, but it always starts at the level of the individual.


  1. Hello Richard,
    I hope this comment finds both you and Sidney well and happy. It sounds like you have a move in your future and that involves a purging first. I’m looking forward to hearing about your preparations to re-locate. When ever we purge we uncover treasures and let go of weighty items both physical ones and emotional ones as well. More than that I’m looking forward to arriving in Hawaii at the doorstep of your new home and walking across your welcome mat.
    Love and peace,

  2. Hello timethief, and thank you, both Sidney and I are doing fine. Purging is definitely a good thing and I was overdue for a good one – about ten years overdue if I’m honest, and if I’m really honest, 20 years.

    And of course you and yours are always welcome. I’m starting to get very excited about the trip to the islands. Is it February yet?

  3. Wow, very huge contemplated change, Richard. I lived there for a year, and it was absolutely transformative, spiritually. I had my own reasons for leaving, but they didn’t have anything to do with not liking the islands. Each has its own character…but you will discover all that. Those coincidences need paying attention to; I’m glad you did. I’ve missed your posts, although I’ve seen you ’round the forums, and guesting and such.
    And you’ve already got a relationship with Pele! Awesome.

  4. Hi Muse, and thanks. Yes, I (most of the time) pay attention to the nudges and pointing fingers. I’ve decided on late February to make my two week trip and will likely hit several of the islands, but I’m drawn to the big island. I’m sure I’ll know why when I get there.

  5. I hardly know what in the world you are all gabbing on about, but I found it very interesting-r u going or not?
    It struck me a little [and this is not sarcasm] that if you bash your big toe, there are going to be hundreds of times in the day when you are reminded that you have a big toe. If you get to go to H I wish you well-send some sunshine over here will you. best wishes Suz

  6. Suz, I will definitely send you some sunshine when I get there.

    I am going in February to see how I like it and if it feels like that is where I want to live. After that, I have one more responsibility here that must work itself out before I can go, and things have been looking like the end of that responsibility may be coming to an end.

    After that (if the trip in February braids my toes) I’ll pack my bags and my Kitteh and board the plane. That is unless I stub my toe before that. ;-P

  7. I thought from your pic you might have a sense of humour, well may your plans come to fruition and all your hopes be realised Richard, God bless.

  8. Suz, thank you and yes I have a sense of humor, sometimes too much so. God bless you as well.

  9. This is fascinating!

    A number of times in my life I have seen recurring “symbols” of where I should be!

    The only constant throughout my life has been a white horse! It is always a sign that I am on track! But I also learnt it may take different forms! At one stage, when I lived right in Melbourne Australia, I lived near Whitehorse Road and the name of the local council was Whitehorse!

  10. Gemma, that’s fascinating about the white horse. I have a friend who when he needs to clear his head and figure out what step to take, he goes for a walk and thinks about possible paths or solutions. When a feather appears – floating down, or possibly on the ground in front of him – he has just thought of the right solution.

  11. awesome blog. I love “coincidences”

    and finding this blog is one of those.


  12. @Voyno, thanks, and yes coincidences are fascinating.

  13. My goodness, Richard, what a huge change to consider. Bravo!

    I’m fascinated by your “coincidences.” Are you famiiar with a concept called Godwinks? A popular book from a few years ago, called When God Winks, argues that such “coincidences” are Godwinks, signs we’re on the right path. Even if one doesn’t believe in God, I do think the universe “winks” from time to time. I suppose the trick is being open to seeing them.

  14. Ella, I had never heard of Godwinks, but that is a great word and a great way of describing coincidences. A much better term.

  15. I was born there in 1944 and we left there and came here when I was 16.

    Hawaii is visually gorgeous, full, lush, rich, thick, dense.
    The feeling on the skin, though, is heavy and damp and warm to hot.

    I like the balmy feel of weather in the mid 70’s.

    Memories? Riding on the bus to Thomas Jefferson Elementary, near Diamond Head, going right thru the tourist area, seeing the big, heavy surfboards of the real surfers.


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