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For Sidney

I think someone had my furry little friend Sidney’s recent brush with the Animal Cops in mind when they captioned this on i can has cheezburger. If the kitty would have been black and white, it would have been perfect. Sidney is adjusting, but I know it isn’t easy on him.


I’m working on a couple new posts. I know it has been a while, but things have been a little hectic lately.


  1. Give Sidney a snuggle from me and here’s a [HUG] for you too. 🙂

  2. This is a test to see if your comment box is working, as I attempted to wish you and Sidney well a while ago. If it posts, consider yourselves well-wished! If not, I’ll email you…

  3. I really feel bad for Sidney. He really looked sad in that picture, poor thing! I just don’t understand how some people function..because everybody knows that cats need to be free to climb and jump around! For that special reason I didn’t bring my cat with me abroad because she is used to playing in the yard, and sometimes she wanted to go out in early mornings. I love her but I can’t lock her with me and kill her. I hope you could fix the problem soon.
    If you want to see my sweet cat mimi, she is on my blog.

  4. Richard,
    I’m so grateful for a free moment to drop by. Blessings on your Hawaiian investigations; and all blessings and peace to Sidney if s/he is really swooning for the outdoors! I have my first out-door cat… I have not gotten used to the out-all-night, and … wish I could have forced myself to make my sweet cat an indoor cat. But no. He won. My Black & White cat owns ME!!!
    Many blessings!

  5. Muse, thanks for stopping by, and I appologize for not answering comments sooner. My mind just hasn’t been on blogging lately.

  6. @lovefrom1stbite, Thanks. Sidney is doing surprisingly well. When it happened, I sat down with him and we had a talk, and he has been really quite understanding – until he sees a cat in our yard from the window, then he goes into protection mode and wants to go out and give them a talking to.

  7. @terraflora, as I said to lovefrom1stbite, he is doing surprisingly well.

    Thanks on the Hawaiian wishes. So much of life right now is still strongly pointing me in that direction. All sort of little nudges and whispers.

    There is a saying, ‘dogs have masters, cats have staff,’ which is certainly true in my experience, but he is a great friend and companion. Life would not be anywhere as rich without him.

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