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When I realized that my life path was to include the study of Shamanism, there were a number of things that had been hanging open in my life that fell into place and connected. Everything started to make sense. Looking back on it I realized that everything I had been doing to expand my consciousness, the many programs I attended at The Monroe Institute, were all leading me to the study of Shamanism.

With Shamanism, at least when studying with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall, you are exposed to and learn all aspects of this ancient practice. You may end up specializing in one aspect such as healing, or soul retrieval, or exploring the spiritual worlds, but as my cosmic committee explained to me, you have to know how to do it all well.

Healing is not limited only to helping someone recover from an illness or dis-ease. Sometimes it involves helping someone at the end of their physical life prepare for their transition from the physical, and sometimes you are called on after the person has actually left the physical. The thing that must always be foremost in your mind, is to do what is in alignment with the person’s higher good and their life path. It can really be no other way. I am of course not the one doing the healing, I am simply a conduit for the spirits, a bridge between the spirit world and the physical. The healing is done by the patient and the spirits.

I was recently called upon to help two people with their transition. Since neither of these people were physically near me, I had to perform the ceremonies remotely. One was a friend who was preparing for her transition, and one a relative of a friend who had just made the transition. In the case of the friend who had not yet made her transition, I was kept somewhat at a distance so that emotions would not come into play. What I observed was the healing spirits working to remove pain, make her more comfortable and at ease, and aligning her for the transition. With the relative of my friend, the healing involved stabilizing them. Stabilizing is a little difficult for me to explain as there is more to it than that, but it came across to me as stabilizing; perhaps balancing and focusing.

For me at least, I consider any request for help to be a great honor.

And now, to the title of this post. After the death of my friend Frank’s brother, he said, that although we know that physical death is not the end, but simply a transition, it is the end of something. That something is the joint threads we were weaving together in this physical life. We are still weaving together, but the weaving together from within this physical life has come to an end.


  1. Glad I found your blog – I recently took a class in Shamanism but actually missed most of it due to illness. I’m looking forward to reading more about it.

  2. Abby, thanks for stopping by, and I’m sure there will be other classes coming up that you can attend. If you have any questions, just let me know.

  3. Coping with death and loss has been what my winter has been all about. I appreciated reading your article very much.
    Love and Peace

  4. Brightfeather, thank you. Loss and death are as you know, part of life, but that thought does not make the loss of a close friend or a loved one any less sorrowful. We need to take the time to grieve and honor those feelings and then we let them go.

  5. Hi Richard!

    I found you when I went searching in the WordPress forums for a question I had. I was drawn to the title of your blog, Sacred Path.

    When I got here, I found your blog visually appealing and the story around Sidney was also relevant as I too have a cat, Basil, and a dog, Bonnie 🙂

    I too would prefer a neighbor to leave their complaint/concern with me first, thereby giving me an opportunity to explore what could be done and also to apologize and develop some kind of relationship.

    Unfortunately, we are conditioned to be defensive/constricted in our thinking and behavior rather than open/receptive and so we act on the basis that dissatisfaction/concern is going to be received unfavorably. And because of that conditioning, it often is! But it could be different of course. It could open the way for creative solution-seeking!

    It is interesting to see how your spiritual journey is developing just from the couple of posts I have read here. There are many wonderful paths and with a loving attitude and intent, they can help not just the conscious traveler but also those associated with the traveler. How could it not when all are of the One?

    Thanks for your blog and hope to stay connected 🙂 Lucy

  6. Just like an earlier comment, “I found you when I went searching in the WordPress forums for a question I had. I was drawn to the title of your blog, Sacred Path.”

    I am dealing with a partner who has cancer! The road is rough, especially lately! I am trying so hard to give him some happiness and peace! When his anger explodes, I need to let him be angry, but not treat it as a personal attack! That is difficult! (His anger is mainly frustration because he can’t work and has great difficulty even walking for any length of time!) But I am trying to prove I am with him all the way!

    Not sure why I have said this! But, on a positive side, I feel I am possibly stronger spiritually now than I have ever been!

    Glad I stumbled here!

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