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The Path has new clothes again

Well I couldn’t resist, I changed themes again. This one though I’ve put quite a bit of time into customizing.

I started with a theme created by Sadish Balasubramanian called Seashore, which as you can see from the image at left, was basically cool grays (click to enlarge). I’ve always been drawn to the color combination that you see here and since I wanted to make a change, this seemed to be the perfect time to dive into CSS editing and to come up with exactly what I wanted. Over the next few weeks, the colors may change some as I refine things.

Let me know what you think. I’m always open to comments, positive, negative or neutral. I’ll be putting one of my own photos in as a header shortly.


  1. I like this! Your background color makes a huge difference. Much as I love Misty, I couldn’t wait to change his background which seems to be the same color as the original here. The navy seems more upscale and certainly more masculine.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with it in the future!

  2. Thanks Ella. Interestingly, I just viewed it on my XP laptop in IE7 and the colors are WAY different than what I’m seeing on my color-corrected monitor. I’m going to have to do some adjusting, or disable the color profile on my big monitor. The text area is supposed to be a nice tan, and in the XP laptop, it is much lighter and has a pink cast to it, and instead of the background being a pleasing turquoise, it is as you say, more navy.

    More adjustments are going to be needed I can see.

  3. Wow! I can’t get my Apple Cinema display to get to where my PC laptop is (obviously Toshiba doesn’t do color). This is going to take some thinkin’.

  4. If i were you i wouldn’t mess with it: This is gorgeous as it is.

  5. The theme it looks nice but something make is look flat.

    Maybe you should change the background color of the posts or the bg color of the left sidebar, so the posts or whatever you want to stand up and be readable.

    You could also move the pages – Home – About me – .. etc, under the header, i believe it would look much better.

    I hope this will help.

  6. @superficialdiva
    Thanks for the comments. Since the background spans the posts and sidebar areas, it is a little difficult to make the post area background a different color to make it stand out – at least for me since I do not have a lot of CSS editing experience. I’m sure at some point I will dive into that because as you say, it does look a little flat.

    As far as the navigation, I might try moving it down under the header. Having to leave room for the navigation means the title and tagline sits too high and looks disconnected in my opinion. I’ve already moved it down as far as I dare without it interfering with the navigation. That said, it is unlikely that I will ever have enough pages to where the navigation will run over and into the title, so I’m still thinking of moving it down.

    A work in progress.

  7. I definitely see a rich tan on my laptop and in the light I’m in right now, the blue is navy on top but a lighter navy on the bottom. When I stand up I see the lighter navy (luminous is perhaps a better description) from top to bottom.

    Either way…gorgeous!

  8. I like it. There is spring cleaning going on around the blogosphere. I see very nice tan and turquoise, so whatever you did is working over here. I like the large screen area and three columns, too. Nice job.

  9. Thanks Muse. All monitors and graphics systems will render colors slightly differently, and I sometimes forget I’m working on a color-corrected monitor so what I see, may not be what others are seeing.

  10. Chill site
    I like it

  11. Your site looks lovely! What a nice change and I adore the colors viewed on my system…tan and jade!

    Happy Spring with best wishes,


  12. Thanks Laurel, I’m still doing a little tweaking here and there, but the tweaking is very minor. I’m quite happy with it.

  13. On my monitor it is teal with tan. Looks great!

    And that seashore picture reminds me of a place in Big Sur that both you and I like very much.


  14. Thanks Mary Ann. Yes, it reminds me of that place too. I have some good images from there and I need to get one or two of them cropped out and uploaded, but the image that came with the theme is quite nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t from somewhere around “that place.”

  15. I am very envious or your site. It looks excellent. I am very new to blogging and brand new to WordPress so I have no idea what I’m doing. I work for hours on end and still don’t know what’s up with things. I just had to tell you that your sand and teal look great to me and I wouldn’t change a thing. Good job.

  16. Thanks for the compliment Joy, and welcome to WordPress. It’s a great platform and a great community.

  17. After leaving my other comment, I just happened to see this post. Double compliments on the appearance. I presume you’ve done some tweaking, as I’m seeing a delicious teal and tan/sandstone.

    I’m just smiling because, even though I’m not CSS (or even html) savvy, I’m managed to put together a first site with the old-fashioned Quentin theme that has color, above all, going for it – and very nearly these colors!


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