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Eclipse – winter 2008

I though I would share this with everyone. I took a couple shots of the eclipse tonight with my digital. The last eclipse had more color in it, this time it was a little brownish. It probably would have been better if I was up on top of the mountain, but I simply didn’t plan for it. This was taken from my front yard.


Having Coyote as one of my spirit helpers, I always want to howl at the moon, but when there is an eclipse, the urge is even stronger.


  1. Beautiful photo, Richard. Love the way it’s framed against the night; some of the others I’ve seen caught the clouds as well, but this seems really clear… must have been a wonderful sight.

    I always feel more peaceful when there’s an eclipse for some reason, even when it’s only visible overseas… must be something about the event, its energy that feels very calming no matter where you are.

  2. I agree with cj that yours is a beautiful photograph.

    Here’s something I learned from a friend about the Lunar eclipses. Unlike a Solar Eclipse, which heralds a new beginning and good things to come, a Lunar Eclipse is:
    the culmination of something or an ending; or
    the acceptance of more responsibility; or
    the need to finally complete an obligation; or
    the need to become conscious about something.

  3. CJ, thanks for the compliment. I’m quite pleased with the photo. Interestingly I’ve had three requests for permission to use the image.

    Brightfeather, thanks for the information. I didn’t know that about lunar and solar eclipses.

  4. This is a really fine photo of the lunar eclipse. I watched as it happened and I was thrilled to see a shooting star just above the moon shortly before the eclipse was full.
    A fact I didn’t know previously is that a solar eclipse always occurs two weeks after or two weeks before a total lunar eclipse.

  5. Fahrusha, Thanks. I had thought about setting up my large format film camera for the shot, but I don’t have anywhere near the telephoto reach that I do with my digital zoom. An then there is the developing, and the scanning, and any adjustments that would be needed, etc. Digital is so much faster although it still cannot hold a candle to large format film.

    I didn’t know about that relationship between solar and lunar eclipses either. Nice thing to know.

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