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Climate change and risk management

My friend and fellow blogger, Juan, posted this video from wonderingman42 on his blog and I couldn’t help posting it here as if follows along with my thinking on the subject, that there will never be complete certainty or agreement on whether or not our actions are responsible, mostly responsible, partly responsible, maybe a little responsible, probably not responsible, or not responsible. Instead of arguing to what degree we are responsible, take a different approach and look at it from the standpoint of risk management.


  1. Hi Richard, I’ve been tagged by bookbabie (one of my favorite bloggers), who just started a great new meme, and now I tag you. It’s a lot of fun (and I usually shy away from tagging games), so I hope you’ll play along too!

  2. I watched the video and have sent it along to a few folks, as was suggested. The concept of risk management applied to global warming, and probably other things, just makes sense.

  3. Richard…. Cap and Trade can sink our economy.


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