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Interesting search terms

It is interesting to review the search terms people use to find your blog. These are actual search terms typed into a search box on one of the search engines and this blog came up in the returned list.

Most are quite normal, but some of them make you smile, or in some cases, laugh. I haven’t searched, but I am pretty sure I haven’t mentioned “beached skulls,” or “beached” or “skulls” in a post, or written about turning an attic into a band room, or about precious livers. I have often pondered about how to get out of a bird suit, but can’t remember ever writing about it. Of course, in most of the terms below, I can see a word, or possibly two that I have used, perhaps on numerous occasions, so that would explain it.


  • sacred clothes
  • eggplant christmas stockings
  • browning the imprisoned splendor
  • jetsam lama
  • we can’t go to the moon anymore
  • photographer catholic hold harmless
  • ethics program at work
  • play outnumbered game
  • snowmobile blog burgess junction
  • turn my attic into a band room
  • beached skulls
  • interesting info about our precious livers
  • will you get me out of this bird suit atwood


  1. I’ve had some doozies as well, Richard. As I know how much you treasure e**plant, it’s fun to envision eggp***t stockings hanging above your fireplace. šŸ˜‰ Cheers!

  2. Yes, eggplant stockings would not be my first choice for hanging above my fireplace. Perhaps squash or zucchini, but not eggplant.

  3. I still get timethief for some reason [in searches terms on my blog].


  4. It’s cold, wet and very windy here so, when I read your search terms list I’m attracted to: browning the imprisoned splendor.

    I would love to escape from this prison and brown myself somewhere in the sun. šŸ™‚

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