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Wishing all the happiest of holidays

santa86small.jpgIt is my heart-felt wish that each and every one of you, your families and friends, have the warmest and happiest of holidays filled with love.

Since most of the aunts and uncles in my family are getting up there in age, or have already made their transitions, our family has had a lull in holiday get-togethers for many years, but last year my cousin Karen woke up one day and had the almost burning desire to begin the traditional Christmas dinner anew and what a great success it was. There were people there I had not seen in years and it was a wonderful time filled with joy, laughter and love.

Weather permitting I’ll make the 250 mile trip tomorrow morning to be with my family although the weather report does not look good. I can easily deal with the snow, but as anyone from Wyoming knows, when you mix strong winds with snow, winter trips can be quite a trial if not downright dangerous.

[Edit: I’ve linked the image I used to a full-sized version since I like the look in Santa’s eyes.]


  1. Happy Christmas and holidays to you too tsp! Hope the weather gets fine and you’re able to make the trip. Have fun! 🙂

  2. Drive safely and be wrapped in joy and peace and love both going and coming home again.

  3. Ish and Brightfeather,

    Thank you very much and warmest holiday wishes to you both as well.

  4. Richard, what a lovely old-fashioned Christmas picture you shared with us. Do stay safe and snug whatever you & the weather decide to do. It’s wonderful to reconnect with family. Mine is similarly scattered, but I will see some of them in the spring. Staying home, quietly, among friends. Take good care!

  5. Thank you Muse. I wanted an old fashion image, not one of the “Coca-Cola” Santa’s because I feel so much of the spirit that grand old man represented has been lost to the desire to “sell stuff.”

    Have a wonderful holiday my friend.

  6. I’m also admiring the vintage Santa that you posted. It’s not in my collection and you are not here to protest so, so I’m thieving it. 😉

    I expect to be forgiven on your return becausel we do know that Santa lives at the North Pole, don’t we? And we know the North Pole is in Canuckistan so, we Canadians are claiming the vintage Santa (the real grand old man) as our own gift to children all over the globe.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! :D))

  7. Hi Richard

    By now you would have hopefully had a wonderful time with family.

    Its Boxing Day here and I too had a wonderful lunch with family and friends, at John’s sisters and I have no doubt that John (who passed away Jan 2006) was there celebrating with us.


  8. @Brightfeather, You are welcome to it. I found it as a free image on the web.

    @Irene, Happy Boxing Day to you. Sadly the roads were closed for a while this morning and there was a lot of blowing and drifting snow.

  9. Richard, looking at that photo of you, i like your new shirt, but it looks like you’ve put on some weight. You’re looking younger every day, though.

    BTW just home from two days at my daughter’s, and for some reason blowing snow was not a problem. Did get some much, much-needed rain, though.

  10. Yes, I saw on the weather report that there was rain expected even down into Georgia and Alabama where they need it even more. Our recent snow started out as rain, which caused a lot of problems. The side streets here in town are all solid ice now and trying to get that icy snow off of my car this morning was quite a job.

    Glad you had a good time (I assume you did anyway).

  11. Thank you, Rich, for linking to the larger picture. I, too, loved seeing Santa’s warm gaze, and the delightful detail of the tree ornaments and gifts surrounding him. I didn’t notice this in the smaller size, but Santa has a lyre just to his right. I’ve gotta love that!

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