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As I mentioned in Guest Author I recently attended another shamanic workshop, and during the week, I had been waking around 4 AM each morning and for a few hours each day had the pleasure of staying in the place between sleep and awake that I call the fuzzy-time. Snuggled all warm in the bed, I would turn my mind loose to wander where it wished.

On the morning of the last day, while in the fuzzies, I heard a knock on a door and was wondering who would be knocking on the door to my room at that hour, but quickly realized it was an internal knock. Not wanting to “get up” I said come in and a large man appeared. He had short cut grey hair, a strong but kind face, was slightly overweight with strong hands and arms and looked like he may have been a construction worker. He introduced himself, but I did not remember his name and told me he was there to help me clean out my attic.

We proceeded to a large room with scattered groups of neatly piled “stuff” and he produced a clipboard and as we went around to the piles, he would identify things and mark them down on his clipboard, although I came out of the experience remembering little of what he said. As he identified things to be removed, a small band of very short beings would come in and pick them up and then disappear with them. At one point he told me to get a broom and clean up the now vacated areas. As I did so, he would once in a while look at what I was sweeping up and make a comment here or there.

When we finished, the room was clean with neatly cataloged and organized sections with the “stuff” stacked in the proper order.

In a previous post titled Cleaning out the attic , I said how important it was for us to examine the contents of our attics on a regular basis so that we could identify limiting and conflicting beliefs; those things that are not serving us, and my attic was pretty clean the last time I checked just a couple weeks before the workshop, but obviously the week’s work has shifted some things around and it was again time to discard what would not now serve me.

I had forgotten about this cleaning session until just a few hours ago while talking with my friend Frank DeMarco, and thought I would share it. Frank asked if I had expressed my gratitude for the help, and I realized I had not, so that is in order for tonight.


  1. Richard, if the band of small beings is done at your place, would you ask them if they’ll come over here? I could use the help 😉 I’m glad you referenced your April post on cleaning the attic–I didn’t know you yet in April. I liked the post and the concept very much, and I’m reminded to read your archives for those gems of yours.
    It’s amazing how the physical reflects the mental. As I look around me with my physical eyes, I see reflected back to me the results of my thoughts.
    Please excuse me now while I go pack up some old baggage, and many thanks!

  2. Thanks Muse, I’ll round them up and send them your way, along with the “big guy.” He’s very good. I’ve been hibernating since I got back from the workshop. I typically do that for a week or so afterward to let things settle in, but it’s time to get back to things again and get a new post or two going. My hibernation also means I don’t get around to my usual blog haunts so that will start again this week as well. I probably have a lot to catch up on.

    Stay well my friend.

  3. Thank you, I shall, as I trust you will. Welcome back from hibernation. I understand that completely. The blogworld has missed you–I think you’ll find a lot has been going on. I’ve enjoyed thinking of you rattling out there, though. Take care.

  4. Thought I would visit your site out of curiosity and i’m glad I did! I am a “vivid dreamer”. Done it all in my dreams. My close friends and family don’t really understand it, so I have absolutely no one to relate to about it. Anywho. This reminds me of dreams I have had all of my life. A common theme in my dreams are houses. It’s always me and my family moving into a new house. There is a “livable” part of the house and there is a part of the house that is in complete disarray; cobwebs, out of date decor, mold- just general filth. I always end up wondering around in there because by nature, I am drawn to houses with character, things to explore. On my good nights, I just get trapped in there. On my bad nights, there are evil spirits in there and I end up fighting for my life. The house changes from time to time but the concept is still the same- one part livable, the other a complete disaster. I interpret my own dreams because after having these dreams all of my life, I have a pretty good idea of what they mean, not always, but usually. The fact that I have yet to address the underlying problem is probably why I continue to have them, huh?

    Anyways, great post!

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by, and yes reoccurring dreams typically mean there is something that we are not addressing in our lives. One thing you can do, and sometimes it takes a little time to accomplish this, is to try to remember to look at your hands while in the dream. You can tell yourself over and over before going to sleep that you are going to remember to look at your hands while in the dream. I’m not sure why this works, but it will bring your waking consciousness into the dream making the dream lucid. You can then ask what the section of the house that is in disarray represents within your life. Everything in journeys or dreams is symbolic and can be communicated with.

  5. I had my first lucid dream when I was 15. Back then all I cared about was having fun and “making things happen” in them. I actually consciously taught myself how to fly in my dreams. It was a slow process but I did it. But things are really different now. I get stuck in lucid nightmares. I used to be able to wake myself up or at least change the scenery but now I can’t do anything- just ride it out until I wake up. I am almost always aware of dreaming now. I’ve always been very analytical but now I analyze things in my dreams and that’s how I am able to figure out I am dreaming. But the house theme isn’t the only reoccuring dream I have. There are several. And these are dreams I have had pretty much my entire life. I have a crazy memory and can remember dreams I had when I was 5. I remember my dreams every night also. In full detail. It just never occured to me to find out the meaning while I am dreaming. How would I go about doing that?

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