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Fears and the “dark side”

They’re not here, they’re not coming
Not in a million years
’til we put away our hatred
’til we lay aside our fears
You may see the heavens flashing
You may hear the cosmos humming
But I promis you, my sister
They’re not here, they’re not coming

To this garden we were given
And always took for granted
It’s like my daddy told me, ‘you just bloom where you are planted.’
Now you long to be delivered
From this world of pain and strife
That’s a sorry substitution for a spiritual life

From They’re not here, they’re not coming by Don Henley/Stan Lynch

My friend Frank DeMarco in his post titled Fear includes an article by Mark Kimmel which talks about fears, and also about why if aliens (extraterrestrial) are real – and I know they are – they have not officially contacted us. Anytime I hear this discussion I start hearing Don Henley’s They’re not here, they’re not coming in my head, and in particular the part I quoted above, and it underscores probably the main reason they have not made themselves publicly and conspicuously known. As Mark Kimmel says, “fear is at the core of the human condition on this planet,” and fear is fed to us daily in the media, by our religions, our parents, our politicians, our employers, and the list goes on. There is always another bogeyman lurking just around the next corner. Until we can correct our path and become a species based on love instead of fear the door to communion with the rest of the universe will remain closed. When you strip away all the various divisions and subdivision, categories and subcategories, you come down to two emotions or two conditions: Love and fear.

Tina Su in How to Fight Your Fears shares her journey to overcome her personal fear of not being a good photographer, and also gives some great suggestion on how we can start dealing with our own fears.

In And then, there’s Lucifer, terraflora talks about her dealings with her dark side. We all have one. It’s there no matter if we choose to deny it or not, and denial is never going to bring light to what is in those shadows, only taking a deep breath and stepping through that door into our own shadowy world is going to allow us to understand what is over there and bring in the light. Most organized religions tell us to shun the dark side, because that is where the evil is as if it is some outside entity waiting to consume us. That dark side, and all the demons in it are us, not some evil outside thing, it’s us. No one is going to deal with those dark things and bring them to the light for us, we have to do it ourselves. Don’t be afraid of your dark side, your shadows, whatever you wish to call it. Like it or not it’s part of us and it’s time we all began to take a peek at the things we keep over there. If we don’t, who will?


  1. Yes, thank you for the link, Richard.
    I really think we have much to shake off relating to our avoidance of our hidden nature, our denied self (selves), the parts of us that we project Out There. Not only is it true that “denial is never going to bring light to what is in those shadows”, but it will keep us from some of the greatest gifts we can receive!… as the ‘sides’, ‘selves’, ‘parts’ of us INTEGRATE and create a greater whole!!

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