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Tears from Heaven

My good friend Frank DeMarco forwarded an email to me the other day with a story in it called Tears from Heaven and it’s one of those stories that touches the heart. As he says, I know nothing about the story other than what is there. Is it a true story or is it just something someone wrote to illustrate a point? I don’t know, but I choose to believe it true. I want to believe it true simply because it points to the fact that there are good people out there, and sadly their stories are seldom heard, particularly in mainstream media. It’s not sensational enough, not controversial enough, won’t boost ratings, but it gives me hope that there is a chance we just might make it out of the quagmire we see all around us.


  1. What a lovely story. I have many gentle encounters with the birds and animals around me. The trust involved in these inter-species relationships humbles me.

  2. Yes it is humbling. And when we step into their environment, their home, it is always their choice whether they interact with us or not. For me, it’s always a peak experience.

  3. One of the most difficult things I have had to learn as an adult is not to tame wildlife. It’s a peak experience for me when barely fledged birds perch on my hands and when the fawns rub their heads on my thighs but, their parents are quite right — Danger! Don’t do it!

  4. Indeed, it’s very hard, but if we don’t keep that in mind, without intending it, we can cause them great harm. I seem to attract ground squirrels when I’m out doing photography. I’ve had them perched on my shoulder or my head while I’m trying to compose a shot. I’ve been the subject of snapshots of passersby on more than one occasion.

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