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For those of you who might be wondering

I have bitten the bullet and gotten my own domain name and have transferred most of my blog at ( over to my new domain. I have other things going on and having my own web host will allow me much more flexibility including being able to get my photographic website up and running, and having a incredible array of themes to choose from ( is a little limited on the themes they offer). I’m still for the moment existing in two places with The Sacred Path, and there are a couple posts I have yet to transfer over here.

When I officially make the change, I will put one last post on my blog letting everyone know of the change and give a link to this blog. I’ll delete everything off of that blog except for the “We’ve Moved” post and leave it up for about six months.


  1. AH! So that’s what’s happening! Well, good for you.
    I hope you will still save us newbies from ourselves on the help forum! 🙂
    I’m going to add your new URL right now!

  2. Thanks and no worries, I haven’t given up the forum. I like helping out and still have a couple blogs there, which are at the moment both set to private. I use them for testing and such. I may turn one of them into something in the near future.

  3. Congrats, Richard. I’ve updated your url. Looking forward to your new direction and your continuing always interesting and educational posts!

  4. Thanks Muse.

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