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You are not your thoughts

You are not your thoughts. Our thoughts take us away from being here now. If I am thinking about the past, or worried about the future, I am a prisoner of my thoughts.

The above quote is is from a post titled Mindfulness Meditation on my friend brightfeather’s blog, this time ~ this space. I do not meditate enough and need to make it a more integral part of my life. Regular meditation helps quiet the physical-mind chatter which in turn allows for a stronger connection with who we really are, and makes for more meaningful journeys. In general, it improves all aspects of our lives.


  1. We are seduced into thinking we are our bodies, we are our actions and we are our thoughts … well, as you know – it just ain’t so. šŸ™‚

  2. Indeed timethief, and we have to remind ourselves if we forget. A 2×4 works well for that. šŸ˜‰

  3. I disagree I think we are our thoughts. Though they are separate we become only what we think. For example if you think you are a good artist they you are. Or if you think that you will never get sick you won’t. Couple of real life examples are Anna Nicole who thought that she would die young, or Michael Jackson who thought that those kids would be his undoing.

  4. @sambanova
    Thoughts are our creations based on our “knowns” and beliefs, and a reaction to, or a result of, our perceptions, both in the physical and in the non-physical. Our thoughts become a part of the tapestry we weave with each life, and also become a part of the tapestry woven by all spirits or beings, but they are only a small part of what defines us.
    Did Jacko get caught because he thought he would, or was it that he knew at a deeper level what he was doing was wrong and that created the thought he would get caught? Same with Smith; was the thought she was going to die young create that reality, or did she know that the lifestyle she had chosen was very likely to make for a short life which resulted in the realization (thought) that she was likely to die young? It is of course far more complex than that, but you probably get the idea I’m trying to get across. We are not our thoughts, our thoughts are our creations and based on our beliefs, “knowns” and perceptions.

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