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In his October column in The Meta Arts Magazine, Dr. Hank Wesselman, PhD talks about some of The Life Games we come into the physical to experience. (Note: If you are reading this in November 2007 or later, go here for Hank’s archives.)

One interesting thing he reveals in the article is that according to Dr. Michael Newton, 73% of those now embodied on earth are young or young-intermediate souls who are typically after money, sex, power and status – the “physical foursome” as Hank calls them.

I long ago gave up on the idea of Coincidences, and it’s not coincidence or chance that little more than a quarter of those now on earth are more advanced souls. I humbly suggest you give Hank’s article a read, I believe it will be time well spent.


  1. I can’t decide if you’re saying “We’re outnumbered! Run for it,” or “We’ve got ’em outnumbered, boys, they won’t get away this time.”


  2. Heh! Yeah, I know what you mean. Right now, looking at the numbers I’d say we are outnumbered. I’m certainly not on the other side – or if I am, I’m not that good at it. That said, three in ten odds aren’t that bad. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had worse odds in Bolivia. Err… wait bad example, that one didn’t turn out that well.

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