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I have a post in draft about the fact that the most effective way for us to change the world is for us to first work on ourselves. When we have our own houses in order, it flows out and effects others around us, like ripples on a pond. An overused analogy, but it is true.

My friend Melynn has a post on her blog titled, Fixing the World, from an article by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, that expresses this idea very beautifully.


  1. I think that we can help out in the world, even though we are still growing and developing as people. So long as we know this. I phrase it as “making ripples in the pond wisely” myself. I think that it can be part of self healing, to reach out and help others in need, because it means that your vision isn’t locked selfishly inward. Sometimes through helping others we heal ourselves too. (Though I feel that you have to decide to help the person without looking for anything in return, for the healing to reach you as well.) Sometimes, there is a pain that is carried, that won’t ever fully heal, that may not ever be resolved, (because it involves things that are out of the person’s hands) yet the person can go on to help out in the world despite this. Yes, I speak from experience. Some call Shamans “wounded healers” after all…

  2. KatK,
    You are right, any time you help someone heal, you receive healing as well. The universe, or the great out there – the spirit worlds look very kindly on being of service to others, and it is always rewarded. It’s one of the reasons Shamans typically live to be very old.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Exactly. *smile* Do you like Martyn Bennett? He was a viruoso on the bagpipes, and played flute and violin quite well also. There is a clip of him playing MacCrimmon’s Lament on his site that’s wonderful. Just do a search for and you should get his official site as the first option.

  4. [grin] I’m one of those rare people who absolutely love the bagpipes (well, outside of Scotland). I’ll have to look him up, thanks.

  5. Mentioning Martyn Bennet’s works because I play his Bothy Culture to help unwind, and let go of the daily stresses. So it is a tangent of healing.

  6. Isn’t it all about … being the change you want to see in the world … today? We do not change anyone else. We have the direct ability to change ourselves, and that comes with the revelation that we are able to.

  7. Well said C.L Mareydt. And as others observe us changing, they realize that they too can change if they so desire. As always, it is their choice.

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