[Edit: Oops, this was actually from the 10th, not the 9th as the title says. I lose track of days when I get to consultin’ at the speed of sound.]

I’ve been consulting all day and just got around to looking at InciWeb and they have the following to report on the Bone Creek fire since I last checked in:

Karl Brauneis, Information Officer: Snow began to accumulate on the upper elevations of the Bone Creek Fire this morning [9/9/07]. Weather forecasters expect the storm to leave up to 4 inches of snow on the fire.

Ron Klatt, Operations Section Chief with the Rocky Mountain Team stressed that the snow can be a mixed blessing. “The snow will limit our access and in turn our ability to do things we need to do. Unfortunately, there is not enough moisture in the storm to put the fire out.”

Weather forecasters expect a warm and drying trend to begin about mid week. This in turn will lead to an increase in fire behavior.

The Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team Bravo assumed command of the Bone Creek fire on Thursday evening at 8 PM on September 6, 2007. A recent cool and wet weather pattern has helped firefighters attain 35% containment. Additional resources have arrived to assist in the suppression effort. At least three crews will spike camp in the Cottonwood drainage on the fires west flank.

Firefighters will establish a spike out camp on the Bone Creek fire after the weather clears today. Spike camps are established close to the fire lines to increase effectiveness by reducing crew travel time. They are supported by the fire’s base camp. Up to three crews will “spike out” out in the Cottonwood Creek area on the fires west edge.

The Bone Creek Fire base camp is located at the rodeo grounds north west of Greybull.

Total personnel working the fire is now shown as 204 and total acreage is listed at 13,670.