[PM Edit: I just checked back in with InciWeb and perhaps the 4,110 acre number this morning was incorrect, or had not been updated. The acreage involved is now listed at 8,052, but still at 60% contained.]

I just checked in and InciWeb has the following update:

Summary: The Bone Creek Fire continues to grow to the south and west and is burning in Shell Canyon below Copman’s Tomb. The fire is being fueled by warm, dry weather; steep canyon topography; and large amounts of dead timber. As of 8:00 am Tuesday morning, an overhead supervisory group, two engines, a 20 person handcrew and a helicopter are assigned to the incident.

Planned Actions: The Bone Creek fire has been under a suppression strategy since it started. The north and east perimeters of the fire have seen extensive suppression work including helicopter bucket drops and line construction. The lines were strengthened by firefighters burning out the unburned fuels between the main fire and the Hunt Mountain Road. Less suppression activity has taken place in the deep canyons on the southwest corner of the fire. The heavy fuels, combined with steep inaccessible topograhphy are unsafe for hand crews.

Projected Movement: On warm dry days, people should anticipate seeing sometimes significant amounts of smoke and fire activity until there is a significant snowfall. When temperatures rise and relative humidities drop to conducive levels, the fire will continue to burn.

It is still listed at 4,110 acres and 60% contained.