Just a little while ago InciWeb posted a report on Bone Creek, and unless it changes or flares up significantly, it will be their last posted report. It is listed at 40% contained and at 4027 acres, the same as yesterday.

Fire Behavior: Minimal fire behavior today with occassional showers and high humidity over the fire. Fire behavior has moderated from previous days, but is expected to increase as the weekend approaches.

Significant Events: No significant progress made today due to poor roads due to the weather, high humidity, and the high moisture content of the fuels. The team is preparing to transition to a Type III management organization at 0600 on 8/24/2007 who will monitor the fire over the next few days.

Planned Actions: Transition to the Type III organization. Monitor the fire for an increase in activity while reinforcing containment efforts begun earlier this week to reinforce the natural barriers around the fire.

Hopefully this weekend will not be too extreme and the fire will not grow, or grow minimally. According to the National Weather Service, both Saturday and Sunday are are supposed to be in the low to mid 90’s with winds in the range of 5 to 11 mph.