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Little Goose Fire 8/20/07 AM – UPDATE

Morning SmokeUpdate: We can all rest easy. According to Steve Seguin, Public Affairs Specialist with the US Forest Service, there are no new fires or flare ups in the area. The smoke is coming from Montana and from Bone Creek, and the concentration of smoke we are experiencing here in Sheridan is due to an inversion; cool air pushing down and trapping the smoke. A big Thank You to Steve for getting back to me so quickly.

The Little Goose fire is 85-95% contained, and things are going very well for the crews.

From InciWeb:

Began to implement the phased Base Camp transition from the base of the Little Goose Fire to Burgess Junction near the Bone Creek Fire. Continue to make significant progress in securing the fire line on the Little Goose Fire toward a standard which will allow transition back to the local unit.

I lived in the Los Angeles area for 12 years, and if any of you had ever wondered what a third-stage smog alert in LA was like, now you know.

I, like everyone in Sheridan, woke to smoke filled skies, and although this mornings report on InciWeb is still showing Little Goose as 85% contained with no indication of a flare up. I have an email out to to one of my sources, and will update this post as soon as I can find out where all the smoke is coming from.

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  1. Pretty dramatic picture! As so many have been. I’ll bet that if you put together a package of a dozen or so of the best, people would be very glad to see them. Is there a way to set up a slide show? Maybe more work than it’s worth, too. Just an idea.

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