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Little Goose Fire 8/19/07 AM

Well, InciWeb is still very slow and has not posted an update on the Little Goose fire, however Sheridan Media is reporting the Little Goose fire is now 85% contained, and has not grown in size from the 4827 acres reported yesterday and the day before. The lightning last night was not in the area of the fire, which is fortunate, and apparently the winds did not cause any flare ups.

Today here in Sheridan it’s supposed to get to 95 degrees with light wind, so keep your fingers crossed. When InciWeb updates the report on Little Goose, I’ll edit this post and include any additional information I think you would be interested in.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Thank you. Have you had any info re Teepee area? I recently spent some time at a private
    ranch about a mile or so South and West on Teepee Ceek from the Teepee compound.

    I consider Wyoming my home despite my absence.

  2. Judy, not specifically, except that the evacuation order in that area is still in effect as it is in the whole area above Little Goose Canyon. Perhaps when InciWeb updates, they will mention it.

  3. Thank you, Richard.

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