While looking around on the InciWeb website, I found this picture, which is credited to Dick Bodine. It was taken on Sunday the 12th when it was 102 degrees and windy. We should be counting our blessings on this one friends. Think how bad it could have been if the high temperatures and winds had continued, even for one more day.I hope the wind early this evening didn’t set the firefighting efforts back any, and I hope the lightning didn’t start any more fires. All the sources I’ve been looking to are still showing what they posted this morning.

[Edit: Oops, had the wrong date on this – corrected to the 18th]

[Edit again: It appears as if the InciWeb website is a little overwhelmed with all the people trying to find out about the fires (probably partially due to me posting the link). I will post any new information on this blog and check it several times a day so that you don’t have to deal with the slow loading.]