Evening LightIf you hadn’t had time to notice, the skies cleared considerably today and from the reports this morning things are looking up. I drove up to the roadblock southwest of the town of Big Horn this evening and chatted a little with the man stationed there. He, along with four others have been working the barricade since the fire started, and suspects they will be pressed into service on the Bone Creek fire soon. It was just before sunset, and I’ve always been drawn to these rock formations east of Little Goose Canyon. This is another stop on my photographic journeys once the fire is out and the public is once again allowed back into the area. I’ll have to find out if I can access it from public land, or if I’ll have to get permission from landowners in the area. Does anyone out there know off hand?

Before the fire, I had started a post on methods of perception, and tomorrow I’ll see if I can finish it up and get it posted. For those of you wanting information about the progress on the Little Goose Fire, I’ll keep that up as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.