I zoomed in as far as I could and then cropped this image to show everyone how close the fire was to homes in the foothills. The firefighters did a remarkable job – as they always do – concentrating on saving personal property in the area.

There are still some hot spots here and there on the eastern slope. These appear to be in very rugged, steep canyons that will be difficult for firefighters to access. I suspect these hot spots will be hit with water drops from the helicopters once the fire in contained.

This shot is at Red Grade road, and you can see that the fire came right up to it on the south. Again as you can see, they did a wonderful job of saving homes and buildings. There may be some damage here and there, but it looks like most were saved.

There still seems to be quite a bit of smoke in the area above and west of Little Goose Canyon and there are quite a few cabins up in that area. Luckily the terrain is milder and there are roads the firefighters can use as well as lakes to supply the helicopters.

It isn’t over by any means, but (knock on wood) it could have been so much worse.