Given what we’ve been seeing the past few days, this morning looks pretty calm, but we will have to see what today brings. The National Weather Service is predicting winds of 15 to 17 mph which is not a lot to you and me, but it could be to those smoldering spots still out there. Perhaps the (all too brief) rain last evening helped out. This picture is from the road just west and south of the town of Big Horn, and about a quarter mile from where they have the road closed. Sorry for the fuzzies on this one, but the auto-focus had a hard time grabbing onto something with the smoke and haze. This shot is to the south of red grade road, and you can just make out a couple structures in the lower right hand corner, like islands in the charred surroundings.

This is looking a little further south from the shot above. For some photos by others that were much closer than I was able to get, go to the Sheridan Media website. There are some amazing shots that will give you an idea of just how hot this fire was burning at times.

To all those brave and wonderful people up there working to protect property and extinguish this fire – and the other fires around the country – thanks seems very inadequate, but thanks to all of you.