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Mother Nature’s fireworks display

The local fireworks display was thoroughly and completely upstaged by the splendor and beauty of the show Mother Nature put on (you can click on the images to get a better view). Although I had planned on heading out to see if a sunset would develop worthy of capturing on film, I had gotten involved in finding lodging for another trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone Park with a very good friend and her son. Just after sunset, while sitting in front of my computer, phone in hand, I became aware that the room was full of a wonderful salmon-colored light. I grabbed my digital camera and headed out the door to find this incredibly beautiful sunset. I snapped several shots, composing them as best I could under the circumstances and then something told me to look behind me.

There behind me was this wonder scene, which although not as dramatic, I find quite beautiful. The more subtle colors create a feeling of peace. This same situation happened while at the recent workshop with Rodney Lough, Jr. We were all busy with composing and setting up for a sunset shot of the Tetons from Oxbow Bend when Rodney said to look behind us, and there within the bank of gray clouds, were several billowy thunderheads illuminated with rich pinks and oranges. That turned out to be the shot of the evening since the color over the Tetons never developed.

It’s all about awareness. What is in front of you and commanding your attention at any given moment may not be the most beautiful, nor the most meaningful. It’s important that we remind ourselves to look up from what we are doing from time to time, and look around. I was a little disappointed that I had not been out in the foothills all prepared to capture this wonderful sunset, but while talking with Rodney, he reminded me that although I didn’t have it on film from a better location, I did have the experience, and that is something that is with us always, no matter if we have it on film or not. You can’t take film or prints with you when you leave, only your experiences.


  1. Frank DeMarco

    Jul 7, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    Very true about what we bring with us.

    Meanwhile, more photos! Expanding the two you included in this post was an amazing experience in itself!

  2. Thanks, Frank. I should have my first batch from the workshop back from processing (46) on Tuesday. Once I review them I’ll get the best off for scanning and hopefully by the first of the following week have more to post.

  3. Hi Richard

    Yes, beautiful photos. And more of them please.

    Whenever I go for a walk in my favourite park, Brimbank Park here in Melbourne, I am sometimes lead to walk backwards. And yes, the views are amazing. But I’ve never thought to translate that into my everyday life. So once again, thanks.

    I will have to stop thanking you for all your insight!! I will just have to take it for granted that this is what your blog is all about.

    With love

  4. Thank you Irene for your kind words. We’re all in this together and hopefully some of our personal insights will help others.

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