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A healing journey

For those of you who may not be familiar with shamanic healing, I thought I share one of my recent healing journeys. Healing journeys can take place remotely where the healer and the person requesting the healing are physically in different location, or where they are in the same location. Most of the journeys I have made so far have been remote.

Briefly, in shamanic healing there are typically several steps you perform. I have included a couple of resources at the end of this post that give a more complete explanation of the process.

  • Power augmentation which involves a journey to the spirit worlds to find a spirit helper to come into relationship with the person, and provide power protection and support. This is necessary first step since healing cannot take place if the person is in a disempowered state.
  • Next comes the diagnosis to determine the cause of the illness where the practitioner connects with his/her spirit guides to discover what is causing the illness.
  • The practitioner will then journey into the body of the person – with their permission – to find the illness-causing intrusions.
  • When the intrusions are found, the practitioner will then, with the help of his/her helping spirits, extract the intrusions.
  • The final step is to restore the fabric of the person’s soul through soul retrieval.

It should be mentioned here, that it is not the shamanic practitioner that does the healing, but the spirit helpers and healers. The practitioner simply acts as a bridge or conduit to allow the healing to take place.

The request for help had come to me through a friend of the parents of a boy who had undergone an operation to fix a damaged eardrum, which totally amazes me that they can do something so delicate. Although Western medicine does not have all the answers, their accomplishments are almost staggering. After the operation the skin graph had taken, but the tissue surrounding the ear drum had begun to die and the surgeons were suggesting another operation to correct the problem. The parents however, were hoping to avoid putting their young son through another operation.

A few hours before my healing journey, I briefly connected with my helping spirits to let them know of the request and to tell them what I knew of the situation. When I was ready for the journey, I got comfortable and began. I first connected with my oversoul to asked it to provide me with power, protection and support on my journey and to set my vibrations on high. I also expressed my gratitude in advance.

I then headed off to my sacred garden to meet with my helping spirits. When I arrived I went to the area I have constructed in my garden where I meet with my spirits and asked who would accompany me on my healing journey. Immediately my spirit helper coyote showed up. For some reason, this confused me at first, but then I realized that whoever shows up is the perfect helper for the task at hand. I told my spirit helper coyote that I was ready whenever he was, and he headed off with me close behind. When we arrived at the young boy, he was laying on his side with the ear that had been operated on facing upward.

Coyote headed down into the boy’s ear with me right behind him. When we got to the eardrum, I could see a band of black tissue around the perimeter, and immediately my coyote spirit helper started to eat the dead tissue. I asked if there was anything I could do, and found myself washing down the inside of the entire ear canal with some sort of liquid. Although I did not perceive the liquid as golden in color, I “knew” it was. When coyote and I had finished there were little specks of black laying around on the eardrum, and I was told to vacuum them up.

Once everything was cleaned up, there was a band of new pink tissue where the dead tissue had been. I asked my spirit helper coyote if we needed to do a soul retrieval or anything else, and got a feeling of a “no.” As I headed back to my sacred garden, spirit helper coyote stayed behind and was sitting beside the boy.

Each healing journey is a little different, and in this case, there was no soul retrieval and as it turned out, my coyote spirit helper ended up serving two roles; that of my helper during the healing, and also that of a helping spirit for the young boy, providing him with power, protection and support.

I’ve had one report back on the young boy in which he has reported that his ear is itching. My first instinct is to believe this is good news and that indeed new healthy tissue is forming. I am hoping for more word on his progress in the near future, and will update this post.
Resources on shamanic healing:

  • How Shamans Heal by Hank Wesselman, The Meta Arts Magazine
  • The book, Spirit Medicine: Healing in the Sacred Realms by Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall, Hay House, Inc.

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  1. A very powerful journey Richard, thank you for sharing it. I have no doubt this boy will benefit from the “underground” work your coyote helper and you did with him. I’m looking forward to hearing more on his progress.

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