In my post titled Cleaning out the attic I mentioned that it takes energy to maintain things we keep in our attics. There is a limit to the amount of energy available to us, which is simply a part of the earth life system. When we are using a large percentage of what we can pull in, it can make us vulnerable to illness. Now days when I get a cold or flu (rare anymore) I will shut down all outside operation (no work, no travel, et-cetera) and basically allow my body and system to have as much of my energy as it needs to take care of the problem. I of course also journey and ask my helping spirits to work on it for me as well. Hank Wesselman has a good article on The Classic Causes of Illness he wrote for The Meta Arts magazine that I highly recommend.

My friend Deb and I from time to time do a thing she calls tripping, where we basically journey while on the phone and look into things for each other. On one of our trips a few years ago, she found some “cords” as she described them, attached to me. She said they did not originate from me, but from somewhere else and there was an energy flow coming from me down the cord. She asked if she could disconnect them, and I told her to go ahead. I had been experiencing a cold that had been hanging on for far longer than it should have, and within a couple days, I was back to normal.

After that I decided that once a week or so, I would release any cords attached to me that I had not specifically allowed, and to call in or collect any energy that I had released, or, for lack of a better description, “left out there.” I also created a permanent energy balloon around me that would not allow any cords or connections to me that were not for my higher good.

Recovering and maintaining our personal power is very important on our path to expanded awareness, and in keeping ourselves healthy and able to deal with our day to day challenges. In fact one of the first things that a shaman does as part of a healing is power augmentation. The practitioner will journey to the lower worlds to find a helping spirit willing to come into relation with the individual to provided power as well as protection and support.

If you would like to learn a little more about shamanic healing, I would again point you toward one of Hank’s articles in The Meta Arts magazine called, How Shamans Heal.

I’ve had a few people ask me about healing journeys, so in my next post, I will share a little bit of a recent healing request.