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Cleaning out the attic

It was at my first Visionseeker where I heard the phrase “where your attention goes, your energy flows.” It was prior to the beginning of our healing ritual on the last night when Hank was explaining the ritual to us, and it is quite applicable to virtually our entire lives.

This phrase contributed to my decision to stop watching the news as I related to you in Positive and negative polarities (that and my friend Frank kindly bringing it to my attention). I was in effect feeding energy into all the negative things going on in the world, and holding at least some of those things in my attic.

Attic is the term I use for that area where we hold stuff that we put off dealing with as well as where we keep our “knowns,” our beliefs; things we are concerned about including our fears, and what Robert Bruce calls our Catch Basket. With our busy lives today, it is all too easy to allow things to accumulate in our attics. Periodically examining the contents of our attics is time well spent. If we have things we are putting off dealing with for whatever reason, it requires energy to hold those items, and they are continuously hovering there calling for our attention and our energy. Beliefs, and in particular conflicting beliefs, can limit our experiences both in the physical, and in our spiritual quest for greater understanding.

Some stuff we work out in dreams and some of it – such as with me and the news – evaporate when you make the conscious decision to turn away. Other things require direct conscious interaction on our part. I try and examine my attic on a regular basis, and if something tumbles out of my attic during the day I will either take the time to deal with it right at the moment, or if I’m busy with “life” I’ll set it aside for later in the day, or I might be a bad boy and put it back in the attic. 🙂

When your attic is reasonably clean and in order, all aspects of our life flows much more smoothly. If something is hovering there trying to get your attention, it is a sign from your higher self that the item needs your attention; that it is something that is possibly blocking or limiting your experience.

Another benefit I discovered was that the fewer things I have in my attic waiting for me to deal with them, the easier it is to quiet my mind when journeying or meditating.

You don’t have to do it all at once. Perhaps once or twice a week quiet your mind and state your intent to examine those things you are holding in your attic that are limiting your experience, and then deal with what comes up, and do not get impatient if nothing shows up from time to time. Things will show up at the right time. You have all the time you need, so don’t worry (that would just add another thing to your attic).

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  1. Frank DeMarco

    Apr 23, 2007 at 7:28 am

    I entirely agree with what you are saying here except that if you choose to put something back in the attic, I am not sure that constitutes being a bad boy. That may be merely a matter of priorities. Since we can’t do everything, we have to choose which things we will ignore for the moment if we are going to do anything. That’s the proper use of an attic! I think the distinction is whether we consciously choose to put something back in the attic, or (more or less unconsciously) let it happen by default.

    Say, my attic could use some cleaning out. Do you make house calls?

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