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A long time ago I had a dream in which I was being shown a process where this auditor, or bookkeeper was going through and pulling people “out” of physical life and then going over their life book with them, reminding them of their goal for this life. I was actually given some training and allowed to perform the service for several people.

One woman I worked with was very polite, apologetic and agreed that she needed to make some changes. Another seemed completely confused and not sure what was going on, but listened anyway. We came to one individual, and the auditor told me I had better let him handle this one as he was quite difficult – and he was. He was highly irritated to have been pulled away from whatever it was he was doing, quite angry in fact. It was as if we had just pulled him away from the fourth quarter of the super bowl, and his team, down by a few points with only seconds to go, had the ball near the opponents 30 yard line on fourth down. The auditor was very loving and calm and managed to settle him down to a point where he would listen, but I knew he was just going along so that he could get back to the “game.”

After he was allowed to return, I mentioned to the auditor that it didn’t appear as if we had done much good. He said, that sometimes the smallest gains are the most important and that he had been making steady progress, even if it was going slowly. The auditor was pleased.

I had at the time thought that this was a service of the universe (something way bigger than ourselves), but at Visionseeker 3 during our journey to the “library” were the books of our lives are stored, I realized that this is a service that our oversouls perform for us. In other words, it is much closer to home. It’s to keep us on beam, on the right course toward the goal we have set for each individual life. It’s interesting to realize that I met ten or twelve other “me’s” that night, without knowing it at the time.

I am not as good about journaling as I should be, but it seems like I always record the ones that will be important to me at a later date, and this was one of those.

How many of you out there who journal go back and read your entries months or years later? I can bet that for those of you who do, there have been at least a few that made no sense when they happened, but when you read them maybe months or years later all of a sudden the meaning was clear. I now try to remember to reread mine every six months or so and nearly every time I do, I will have another ah-ha!

Dig out those old journals, blow the dust off, and see what treasures you find.


  1. Frank DeMarco

    Apr 13, 2007 at 8:32 am

    This reminds me of your post in which you quoted the letter to yourself that you wrote at The Monroe Institute and received when they mailed it for you, at a time later enough that you were in a different mind space. That message came to you as a revelation, even though you — a prior version of you, let’s say! — were the one who had written it.

    I’ve kept a journal for many years, and heartily second your suggestion. Probably the most surprising thing many people will find is that what seemed ordinary at the time is passing strange now.

  2. Came across your very helpful input to a number of questions on WordPress and clicked through thinking you must have a blog about blogging (like Timethief’s). What a so much more interesting and challenging blog to find! Thank you for your writing. I’m responding to this one particularly because of a resonance – one of your it’s-not-a-coincidance-as-defined-in-the-dictionary things. I have been writing since I was a child – at various watersheds in my life the journals were destroyed (deliberately) to put things behind me and out of me – once in mid 80’s after the first 15 years or so, and again in 1997 when I emigrated from the USA to England. Since then, the journals have been electronic and recently I’ve been looking at all those files and thinking… why? I don’t re-read them, in fact I cringe a bit at the prospect, because I think I’m not going to like what I read – I don’t want to be reminded of those things (I hope) I’ve outgrown or survived. But now you’ve challenged me… cautious thank you!

    • Cynthia, First off, thanks for stopping by.

      Journals provide many different functions, one of which is to allow us to think through things. By taking the time to write or type out our feelings and such, we end up gaining a better understanding of them. It also has the effect of bridging between different levels of ourselves and ultimately gives us a much broader perspective.

      I’ve gone back and read some of my journals, and there is definitely stuff in them that no longer applies, or has been worked out and I have let them go. In some instances, dreams or journeys I’ve made in the past and not understood, become clear as a bell years later when I read them. When I read others, I sometimes think, wait, I had that dream or experience?

      It has now been years since I looked at any of my older journals, and I don’t know if I will ever open them again or not, but they do provide a record of where I have been and how far I’ve come since those writings.

      Mahalo (thank you) and warm thoughts, Rich

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