In Dreamtime healing part 1, I told you about a dream I had one morning in November, 2005. In the first dream I shifted from being an observer to being the one that was healed, and the effects of the healing were immediate and dramatic. In this second dream, which occurred right after the first, it wasn’t so much a healing as it was a hint of things to come.

As with the first dream, I started out as an observer. The same healer with the dark hair from the first dream was standing at the top of a long set of concrete stairs (forty or so) that descended down to a dwelling. He was talking to a woman with a dog at the bottom of the stairs. She warned us that the dog did not like strangers and was very vicious. The dog was between her legs and she was holding him by the collar. He had a very happy look on his face with no tension in his body and his tail was wagging. I knew that the dog was not vicious, and that if she let go of his collar, he would come up the stairs and give us a very warm greeting. The dog was being used as an excuse to not let the dark-haired healer come down. Although not visible from the top of the stairs, I knew the woman was injured.

The scene shifted and the dark-haired man and I were in the woman’s living room. At this point, I could tell that the woman was covered in scar tissue from some sort of injury, again, it seemed as if it were a burn. The dark-haired man was trying to convince her that if she took a bath, the scar tissue would go away. The woman was reluctant to believe this, but he convinced her to give it a try by telling her that at the very least it would make her feel better.

She left to take the bath, and another woman entered the house and was surprised to see the dark-haired man there and suspiciously asked where the woman was. He told her she was taking a bath, and the woman said in a very protective way that he had better leave, that she looked after the woman and that all the the dark-haired man was doing was doing was getting her hopes up, and mentioned he must be drunk or on drugs.

At this point I shifted and became the healer and was explaining to the woman while she tried to usher me out the door, that I was not drunk or on drugs, that I was here to help. The injured woman came out of the bathroom in a white terrycloth robe drying her hair, and told the woman it was alright that she had invited him in. All of the scar tissue was gone.

These two dreams occurred a month before I was exposed to shamanism at the Weekend Workshop at The Monroe Institute, and four months before I would attend my first week-long Visionseeker retreat. In essence, I had already decided on my direction, I just had to catch up to it.

Although I had learned healing techniques over the years, I had never really been drawn to healing. I would take away head aches, or help people with minor injuries from time to time, but had never felt a calling. The study of shamanism would change that, and in an upcoming post, I’ll tell you about my first Visionseeker, which quite literally left me speechless.